Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Only 8 hours left before it's over!

I have watched "Lost" from the beginning.  I told my husband that I originally thought it would be more of a "Gilligan's Island" but dramatic and without the inanity (and yet, Nikki and Paolo, we hardly knew ye, or cared to) of that classic comedy.

Little did I know.

"Guys, where ARE we?" asked Charlie at the end of the first episode and I knew where I was: watching a new television classic.

Answers about the Island mythology are coming and the fates of the characters will be decided.  I am hopeful the end (or rather "The End" as the final episode is titled) will be satisfying but it can't possibly live up to anyone's expectations.

Like most things that come to an end, we cope by resorting to the 5 stages of grief:
  • Denial - "I can't believe 'Lost' is ending!"  "I do not accept that the Island was controlled the entire time by Nikki and Paolo."
  • Anger - "That ending sucks!"  "I'm never watching ABC again!"
  • Bargaining - "If I promise to buy the DVDs, they will give me answers to ALL the questions!"  "C'mon, ABC!  Renew it for another season and I'll start watching all your other shows!"
  • Depression - "It's over; what'll I watch now?"  (Careful or this stage could circle back to Denial!)
  • Acceptance - It might take a while to reach this stage!
The process begins at 11 p.m. on May 23, 2010.

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