Monday, May 24, 2010

Bye Bye Lost

So "Lost" is over and I am in mourning. There are very few shows where I have actually felt bereft at their ends.
  • "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" - I came late to this series starting in the 3rd season but I came to love it above all the other Treks (though I love them all, make no mistake). More serialized than other Treks, the show was amazing. The storyline was epic. The characters, who were not necessarily full-time heroes of the usual Star Trek mode, were well-drawn and portrayed by actors who made even alien species seem real. And the relationships between characters were strong and real: O'Brien and Bashir, Jadzia and Worf, Kira and Kai Winn, Kira and Dukat, Sisko and son Jake (one of the most loving parent-child relationships ever), Kira and Odo, Jake and Nog, Weyoun and anybody, Quark and Rom, and most especially Quark and Odo. The finale was satisfying and heartbreaking all at once.
  • "Knots Landing" - This was my all-time favorite nighttime soap opera. At the time, it had a storyline that was more realistic than its sister show "Dallas" or the other nighttime behemoth "Dynasty." But who are we kidding? It had crazy, outlandish plots just like all the others. What set it apart were the relationships. Interestingly, I don't have much memory of the actual finale, but I do remember feeling sad and depressed when it ended. It had been on for 14 seasons, at that time for my entire adult life. The specifics don't matter so much because it was my relationship to the show that mattered.
  • "Lost" - No, the finale did not answer all the questions it raised but I feel it answered what mattered: the relationships between the characters. As every character is awakened in the Sideways reality, they regain the relationships they've formed and lost (no pun intended) on the way to that reality. Tears abound with each reconnection and we can believe that the characters have found each other and have found peace. I loved the finale. A little confused, but satisfied. I think the producers were correct to make the conclusion about the people, not the mythology.
The best part of these programs, for me, is the relationships of the characters, not the mythology or mysteries left unsolved or unanswered.

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  1. When "Gilmore Girls" ended, I cried for a week. I still miss those girls. I finally broke down and bought the whole series, something I *never* do. I don't necessarily think this was the best show of all time (though it's right up there), but it's definitely my favorite alterna-verse.

    My favorite thing about the "Knots" finale is that Paige and Greg ended up together, as they should be. Even though I usually HATE much older men with much younger women. But those two were made for each other. And then they did that crap reunion movie, which opens with those two breaking up, and I checked out immediately (emotionally - I watched the whole thing, of course).

    I can still make myself bawl remembering Laura and Karen going shopping for Meg's future birthday dresses, when Laura knew she was dying. Oh, the tears are welling up right now. GREAT show.

    your best besty