Friday, May 21, 2010

The Current TV Schedule

I don't watch nearly as much television as I used to but there are still several programs I follow. Here's the specifics:
  • Lost - So sad that it's ending Sunday.
  • CSI - Only the original recipe. Miami and New York were on too late so we never got started watching them.
  • Survivor - I've missed a few early seasons here and there (WHY are school performances/activities always scheduled for Thursday nights?!). This is my one reality program and I used to feel kind of guilty about watching it at all. But that's ridiculous. If I want to watch Survivor, I'm going to watch Survivor! So there!
  • House - My favorite drama after Lost and poised to become #1. Hugh Laurie, who portrays Dr. House, is also a brilliant British comedian. I am looking forward to watching his Jeeves & Wooster series this summer. Blackadder is also hysterically funny. The House message boards are full of people complaining about this show ("It's not as good anymore.") but I disagree.
  • Dancing with the Stars - I guess this is a reality show too but with professional dancers and (some quasi-) celebrities. I generally have someone to root for and then you come to know the celebs better and I find that I'm rooting for several at the same time. Except for when I'm only rooting for Donny Osmond and Kristi Yamaguchi during their seasons
  • The Simpsons - Still pretty funny after 20 years. This show started around the time that my husband and I began dating and we used to get together and watch this show. Our son loves it too.
  • Modern Family - This is a newer show, only one season old, and it had critics falling all over themselves telling us how great it is. And it is. We love this one and every episode has some great lines worth quoting after. Sample: After the husband asks where his good underwear is, his wife replies, "The question is, why isn't ALL your underwear good?"
  • Cougar Town - This new show, starring Courteney Cox, has transcended its earlier episodes where the newly divorced main character focused on dating younger men. After a few episodes it morphed into a great ensemble comedy. None of it has any touch of reality - these characters are all pretty well off and they spend much time sitting around drinking. I guess it appeals because this is how we think we'd like to live? But it's funny too and that's what keeps us coming back every week.
  • 30 Rock - Another great ensemble comedy centered around a TV show. A little silly sometimes but almost always laugh out loud funny, especially when it makes fun of NBC.
  • Community - Another new show, one season old. We love this one and it also has many lines worth quoting after the episode is over. It takes place at a community college. We got our son to watch and he loves it too, though he prefers watching it on the Internet than with us on the TV set. Kids.
  • The Colbert Report - I started watching this several years ago. Colbert plays a fake conservative pundit. Very funny.
  • As the World Turns - The only daytime soap I have ever truly loved, it's canceled as of this coming September. I started watching again this year. I have always gone in phases in watching it, a year on, a couple of years off. But now that it's ending I am watching until the bitter end.
And then there are a few that have been canceled this year:
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine - With Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Wanda Sykes and a great supporting cast, this was a really cite comedy. A little too far to the silly side lately but still worthwhile. Oh well.
  • Better Off Ted - We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this show, a comedy about a huge corporation (much funnier than it sounds). Too bad ABC didn't. Portia de Rossi was so funny as a corporate supervisor and the guys who played scientists Lem and Phil were screamingly funny.
  • Flash Forward - We liked this show but didn't love it. We have about 5 episodes on the DVR waiting for us. Obviously not a must-see for others either as it ends after only one season.
  • Heroes - I really liked this show, about people with superpowers, but people kept criticizing the show. I think the producers kept listening to the complainers and then kept changed the show, always trying to be all things to all people. But it did give us Zachary Quinto, now probably better known as the new Mr. Spock in the recent Star Trek movie.
  • Scrubs - This had been canceled last year but they brought it back with a retooled premise: med school instead of hospital based. It took a while to grow on us and we really loved it by the end. Too late. It's gone.
And shows that start during the summer!
  • Mad Men - I LOVE this show and am looking forward to the next season starting in July.
  • Wipeout - A pretty goofy game show where people need to go over various obstacle courses. Lots of lowbrow falls into the mud/water/etc.. The kind of show a DVR is invented for: record whenever it's on and then we can speed through to the good parts. TOTAL junk food TV but it makes me laugh so what the heck.
The method I try to follow when watching TV is "don't add new shows!" It never seems to take. This year alone we added 2-1/2 hours of programming. With cancellations we still ended up with a net gain of 1-1/2 hours of new shows. Ah well, TV is swell.

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  1. I am so much more likely to get hooked on a drama than a half-hour comedy, though I agree that "Modern Family" is hilarious. Originally, though, it was opposite V, and the kids and I made the choice to watch that one. Which we LOVE. "The Middle" is occasionally funny too, but I cannot abide "Cougar Town." And I think I would like "Community" (and I love "The Office"), but Thursdays are full of Survivor and CSI! What to do, what to do.

    "30 Rock" is another one that I try to like and just don't. I love Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, but that Jane Krakowski is unbearable to me.

    I was psyched for FlashForward but it just didn't grab me.

    Girl! Why don't you watch "Glee"???? I am aghast. :)

    xox your BF