Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yesterday was not a good day.

I got some tasks done: organizing kitchen cabinets, coloring my hair, doing CPA Boy's laundry, and other things I am forgetting about right now.

But still so much to do: shop for Thanksgiving groceries. I HATE grocery shopping but I am looking forward to eating a Thanksgiving dinner I'VE cooked. I actually put together a pretty good meal, simple though it is. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing (Dad's FABULOUS recipe!), glazed carrots, cranberry sauce: this is all I need to make me happy. CPA Boy will make the pumpkin pies and candied yams, neither of which I plan to eat. I do not care for yams. I don't know why. They are actually kind of sweet but I just don't care for the taste. (Same goes for sweet potatoes.) I like pumpkin pie but I don't love it. I don't want to waste fat calories on something that's just okay. For the record, CPA Boy makes FINE pumpkin pies!

I invited my dad (last year I had both Mom and Dad over and my mom ate and ate and couldn't stop raving about how good everything was, sigh) and he'll be here. I also invited my various in-laws but they aren't coming. Part of me is relieved: no cooking for a zillion people. But part of me is irritated because their reasons indicate they will NEVER come to my house for Thanksgiving.

Moving on...

I was cleaning house yesterday and as I walked past the front door I noticed marks on the wall. They were about 2 feet from the floor and looked kind of like a wall would look if 2 small doorknobs had been slammed into it. The paint was gone and the surfaced was pressed in and smooth. I question my son and he's all, "I'm shocked, SHOCKED. I don't know how that happened." (This is not what he SAID but it captures his attitude pretty well.)

Yeah, well. I said it looked to me like an XBox controller had done it. My (supposedly brilliant) son responds, "I could never have hit the wall with the controller from where I'm sitting in front of the TV." Now I hear things getting thrown in that room all the time as well as cussing and fist slamming on the coffee table. His response then is ALWAYS, "What? I didn't hear anything." Like I'm a moron. I KNOW something has been thrown. And it has: an XBox controller. Turns out it BOUNCED into the wall after he threw it. We're talking about 12-14 feet here so a pretty big throw.

He's all, "So if you knew I'd done it why'd you come and ASK me?!"

I'm all, "The first words out of your mouth SHOULD be 'I'm sorry. How can I fix it?' not all defiant and snotty."

It only got worse from there. There were F-words and other awful phrases used by both parties. It ended up with me taking away use of my car. (Says he: "Fine! I'd rather take the bus anyway. It's easier!" Uh-huh, right.) I may also have told him to pack a bag and get the hell out of my house. It's all a kind of blur. He hasn't budged from his room though (no wheels, heh!).


I am drowning my sorrows in books. I have finished Ball of Fire (Lucille Ball bio) and Book 2 of the Bartimaeus trilogy (The Golem's Eye) and also read The Mother-Daughter Book Club last night (Lady Chardonnay mentioned one of the sequels in her blog so I ordered the first book in the series via Paperback Swap and got a practically brand-new copy on Tuesday!). The Bartimaeus books take a few days to get through so I may put off reading the last one for a bit. I also started TTYL this morning while I was waiting for my hair color to do its thing. It's written entirely in instant messages among three friends so it takes a bit to get into the rhythm. It's really good though. And it has at least two sequels to follow.

Entertainment Weekly is here to read as well but it has Kristen Stewart on the cover which means lots more pix of her inside as well. I draw mustaches on all her pictures so I will need a full pen this week. She just irks me. Last week Miss Piggy was on the cover. I love her. She's more my idol than KStew will ever hope to be!

Speaking of, I really want to see "The Muppet Movie"! I think I would also like to see "The Descendants" starring George Clooney. Maybe tomorrow or next week.

And to top off a bad day/week, two of my very favorite TV shows are MIA on the Winter?Spring schedules: "Community" and "Cougar Town". Guh.

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