Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frozen shoulder???

So my shoulder pain has been getting worse in the last week or so. I'm thinking I have Frozen Shoulder, which is what my dad had several years ago. He had surgery and lots of physical therapy.

It's my right shoulder that hurts. I cannot reach into my right back pants pocket (if my pants had one, that is) nor can I reach my bra strap with my right hand. Sleeping on my right side makes it hurt worse. Ugh.

I told CPA Boy that he needed to help me do "physical therapy". What I pictured happening: him gently cradling my right arm and helping me stretch every day. How it happened: him grabbing my right arm and trying to crank it upwards while I yelled and criticized. (Our marriage in a nutshell, I guess!)

One website said that a frozen shoulder starts out slow and then ramps up to excruciating very quickly. I think I am in the ramping up phase, dammit! The "frozen" part comes when people have pain so they stop using their arm thinking this will help heal it. Instead the arm just settles into an even more frozen position. Sheesh, I really don't want to have surgery!

In other news, I received 3 books in the mail today (TTYL & TTFN by Lauren Myracle and The Pig Came to Dinner by Joseph Caldwell) and picked up one at the library (Five Fires: Race, Catastrophe and the Shaping of California). These will join the other 50+ on my to-be-read shelves. It's somehow always more exciting to delve into the newly received volumes. Plus library books always need to move to the top of the pile. The Pig Came to Dinner is book 2 in a trilogy and I am still waiting for book 3.

Dad & I went out for errands and shopping today --- Sears, Cost Plus, Costco, library and post office --- and then picked up lunch. We were chatting and I brought up my Facebook friend from Mandeville who was on last night's "House" episode. He makes several connections closer for me. Dad knew Kris Kristofferson in high school (he signed Dad's yearbook!) and Dad's sister was in the same class as Merv Griffin. And CPA Boy met Harrison Ford's brother earlier this year. And Lady Chardonnay has a good friend whose sisters are actresses. I am thus connected pretty quickly to many people! My eye doctor's last name is Bacharach so he may be related to Burt Bacharach (I refuse to ask because I don't want to be THAT person and it makes no real difference to me). And my former gynecologist's girlfriend is an actress.  And there must be other connections I am forgetting.

I don't think I actually know anyone famous though. But I don't care. I like to think I would be "cool" if I met someone famous, AKA not make an ass of myself! I have met a couple of authors at book signings and managed to act like a normal person.

I did not get to most of yesterday's to-do list so I guess I know what my plan is for tomorrow!

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  1. I am gaga for Burt Bacharach and would be unable to keep from asking your eye doc the $64K question! From Burt, you're connected to Angie, and then connected to everyone!!!! (Not to cast any aspersions on Angie's morals, just....she was in a lot of things, that's all)

    Hey, you should ask me to do my re-enactment of "Rio Bravo," the GREATEST WESTERN EVER, for you. (Angie was in it, this is not an abrupt subject change.) My impression of crusty Walter Brennan will bring tears to your eyes, but I am especially adept at portraying the duet of Dean Martin and Little Ricky Nelson.

    Seriously - my talent, it is legion. If only someone would pay me for it.