Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Comments

Last night I made it through TWO movies which was cool. I finished "Let Me In" which was a little slow, but interesting. I read the book last month and had made thought about 15 minutes worth of the film over the past week while dinner was cooking. Then I started "Up in the Air" which I really liked. It's odd but I don't think I've ever seen any other George Clooney movie. I just ran down the list in IMDb and the only exception was his voice work in "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut". I just don't get to the movies very often. One of my current goals is to see more movies at the theater. We'll see.

I am recording "Never Let Me Go" this week. I read that book too earlier this year. And "Gidget" is still on the ole DVR, so I hope to get to that soon too. It is stunning how much I know about movies yet how few I've really seen!

I got a few things purchased for Christmas today. And CPA Boy and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving stuff. Raley's is never super busy so it wasn't bad for a early afternoon Sunday. I'm sure Safeway was packed; it always is. That's why I don't like shopping there!

Here's a weird thing I like to do while I'm watching TV: I fold paper. I will take a stray magazine subscription card and then accordian-fold it. Once it's folded I just play with it for a few days and then I start tearing it into little pieces. Then I throw that away and start again. I really like doing something with my hands while I'm watching TV. Like I said, weird. Anyway, I bought a package of origami paper because it's IN A PERFECT SQUARE already. And the colors in the package are fun. I only know how to make 2 actual things with origami: a balloon or a cup. I can also make a fortune teller thingie. I guess I could learn more origami patterns and actually use them to decorate bu then the tearing-paper-to-bits part would be missing!

Last night I finished a book too: TTYL. It was cute and I will definitely read the next 2 books in the series. TTYL is more for a high school audience while The Mother-Daughter Book Club seemed to be aimed more towards the tweens. That series continues so I am interested to see whether the reading level will increase once the girls reach high school age.

I really must get bored easily when it comes to book types. I find that I really must vary the genres of books I read because there is a certain sameness to each category. For example, in the junior high/high school girl (and college-age girls too, I think) stories, there are 2, 3 or 4 best friends (is it ever MORE than 4?? I can think only of The Group as an exception), they are introduced and a story is told over the course of the school year. Problems arise, they are overcome and the cycle begins anew in the next book of the series (even Harry Potter books follow this basic format).

Mysteries are the same way. And romances. And almost every kind of fiction! I have to vary what I read so each type of book seems fresh when I pick up the next!

The other thing I do when I read the junior high/high school/college books is decide which character I relate to best and which character suits my best friend, Lady Chardonnay. It's almost never a perfect match (not until she and I get around to writing our Chastity Castle series!) but there is almost always a reasonable approximation or a combination of one or two characters' traits.

I always find it odd when a group of 3 or 4 girlfriends all profess their "best friendedness" with each and every other main character. In my life I have always known it to be a group of friends but the dynamics generally favored PAIRS of girls who were the actual "best friends". In high school this was always rotating so that my BEST friend in our group of 7 always changed from year to year. This makes sense because your interests are generally in constant flux in high school. And the "boy craziness" stage never seems to arise in every high school girl at the same time so there is always maneuvering among a large group (it's hard to be best friends when you BOTH have crushes on the same fella!).  In college, almost immediately, it was me and Lady Chardonnay who were true blue BFFs although we had other close friends who rotated in and out over the years. NEVER were we best friends with every single girl in our circle of friends. I guess this makes sense too in that we know a bit more where we stand in our taste in guys. It's ALWAYS a good thing if you and your BF like different types of men! Lady C and I RARELY overlapped here!

In other important news, the inexpensive space heater I bought is keeping my office so toasty warm! Yay, no frozen-on-the-keyboard fingers this winter!!!

UPDATE: I watched "Gidget" tonight and I think it might be the kind of movie you love only if you see it for the first time as a kid! Sandra Dee looks anorexic (I think she actually was at the time and her shoulder blades are QUITE prominent!) and she must have looped ALL her dialogue because it's so obviously dubbed, even the indoor scenes. And her scenes with Cliff Robertson are kinda creepy because he is so much older than she is (he looks a mature 35-ish and she looks 14-ish). Oh well. I doubt all the "beach" movies I watched when I was a kid would be as enjoyable to me now. At least Annette and Frankie look the same age!

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