Monday, November 14, 2011

Household to-do lists are no fun!

Another banner day in the life of a housewife....

Leak in the roof, what do you do? Call at least two places for estimates (3 or more is just asking for a stay in the loony bin) and make a choice. Then schedule the chosen firm to do the work. Easy, right? WRONG.

Roofer One was out the next day and the estimate came via e-mail report (with photographs!) two days later. It was pricy ($$$) though.  Roofer Two kept promising that the estimator would call. Then, nothing. I would call the office to see what the problem was and they told me they had no record of my ever calling! I persevered, however, because you just need TWO crummy estimates for comparison's sake. In any case Roofer Two's estimator guy came over two weeks ago. Still no estimate.

I called them today and now I'm waiting for the estimator to call me back. Yeesh. (Sorry CPA Boy, we're going with expensive choice; CPA Michelle recommended them too!)

Meanwhile, I bought some new storage things and I need to put them into place. I need to transfer food from the freezer in the kitchen to the freezer in the garage and vice versa. I need to thaw meat for dinner. I need to bring in the case of vitamin water because my upstairs fridge is empty. I need to do laundry. I need to organize the piles in my office. I need to buy more Christmas gifts. I need to plan my Thanksgiving shopping list. I need to vacuum. I need to exercise. I need to color my hair. Aaarrgghhhh!

All I really want to do is direct read! Although I am between books and I must decide what to start next. But I have a book in at the library and 4+ others on their way via Paperback Swap! In the meantime, magazines! I got Time, Oprah, and Real Simple to keep me going for today.

I had a horrible nightmare a couple of nights ago and I can hardly wait for it to fade away. This happens every few months: a dream so awful that I wake up petrified (I don't scream though; take lessons, CPA Boy!) and keep picturing the terrible images over the next couple of days. ::shudder::

Better get to work.....

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  1. What are the odds that we're both calling roofers?! I've got Roofer One, recommended by my next-door neighbor, who's from a different area code but whose estimate is $300 cheaper, then I've got Roofer Two, recommended by the entire population of Arlington as far as I can tell, who's a local guy but slightly more expensive. Then again, we're talking many thousands here, and $300 is a drop in the bucket. And I like the idea of hiring local. But Roofer One gave me a booklet with many roof colors to choose from, and even though I couldn't tell you what color my roof is NOW, I like the book of pretty roofs.

    Decisions hard! Too worky!

    I wish you luck.