Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Time to Light the Lights!

Ooooh, blog titles with DOUBLE MEANINGS! A combination of a line from "The Muppet Show" theme song up next to the plan I have to put up the Christmas decorations today! I am a clever girl!

So why Barry, Kermit and Shaun? My brother awesomely volunteered to take these albums and digitize them for me! None of the three are available on iTunes (or anywhere else I'm aware of) digitally. The only trouble is he has to listen to each album as it plays so he got to "enjoy" TWO of my old Shaun Cassidy albums ("Born Late" is the other one). I haven't listened to these for about 30 years myself. And as Lady Chardonnay points out, "Other than 'That's Rock and Roll' and 'Hey Deanie' I don't remember a single other song." There's also "Da Doo Run Run" but that's it. Still, I remember listening to these albums with much fondness so it will surely be a nice addition to the old iPod.

The Muppet album is another gem I've missed. Looking forward to that one! And for some reason, that particular Barry Manilow album --- "Barry" --- has never been released on CD or digitally. Does Barry hate it for some reason? It's got some lovely songs if I recall, including a cute duet with Lily Tomlin making fun of the other popular duet songs of the day (Barbra & Neil, Barbra & Barry Gibb, Barbra & Donna, Lionel & Diana).

All of the Christmas stuff is downstairs waiting for me to get the decorating done. I bought a new tree which is small (4.5 feet tall) yet ample to place presents around. In preparation for putting up our tiny tree, I made CPA Boy and The Boy help me clean out and rearrange the garage (they had to DVR the Raiders game for later: what good guys to make Momma happy!). We went through the decorations and pared down a lot. Last year we didn't even have a tree so it had been 2 years since I've seen the ornaments.

Our front yard is huge and would be ripe for extreme decorating but after decades in apartments or houses which were not visible from the street we never got into outdoor decorating. And now it just seems like too much work! But I do have red and white ribbon to wrap around the 4 trees in front to make them look like candy canes so that's a small long as the ribbon doesn't leach out color and all the ribbons look white and pink instead. Festive either way!

In dieting news, I was very good over Thanksgiving, having a plateful of dinner on Thursday and Friday with no second helpings. Even so I was uncomfortable on Thursday night, feeling stuffed to the gills but I also drank TWO Diet Cokes so I assume that didn't help matters. I ate no pumpkin pie but on Friday I DID eat the last Mrs. Field's cookie from the guys trip to Fairfield and Chick-Fil-A Wednesday. I was completely satisfied by my plateful of food which was comprised by a spoonful of each item and minimal gravy. I really am used to eating less overall.

I weigh myself about once or twice a week and nothing has changed for WEEKS! I have been exactly the same weight for weeks, I tell you! Then, on Sunday morning, movement! In the right direction too. I was suddenly down by 5 pounds! A miracle! And I weighed this morning again to see if it was a fluke and it wasn't! That means I've lost a total of 15 pounds and NOT ONE IOTA OF DIFFERENCE is actually apparent to me. I'll need to take stock of my wedding ring fit later: it had been getting snug this year. I don't wear it around the house, mainly because it was snug, so maybe it will fit better again and I can go back to wearing it all the time.

It has been very difficult to have cut down what I've been eating and then not show any weight loss whatsoever! (Actually, now it's not difficult at all because I'm used to it and also able to say 'no' to several former staples of my diet! Except for an occasional cupcake!) But maybe it takes metabolism a while to catch up? Like my metabolism thinks, "Okay, she's eating less food, trying to starve me, so I better hold on tight to everything." Weeks pass and now it's thinking, "She's still eating less but we are surviving just fine so maybe I can ease up on a few fat cells after all."

Christmas decorating awaits!

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  1. Congratulation!!! 15 pounds is AWESOME!!!! And I think you're exactly right about the metabolism — the beginning is hella slow. But seeing results is the BEST motivator.

    I am very thrilled for you!