Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lunch, Pie and Chat

That's right, I had a mini chocolate cream pie at lunch!

CPA Michelle and I had lunch today at the Petaluma Pie Company (appropriate music alert! "Michelle" by the Beatles is currently playing on my iPod!). I really liked the chocolate pie. For the main meal I had the Mushroom and Goat Gouda savory pie. While it was tasty, I discerned NO cheese flavor at all. That made the pie a disappointment; I live for cheese. CPA Michelle's Spinach & Feta was also devoid of cheese flavor. In any case, it was a nice --- and inexpensive! --- lunch with lots of chat.

You'd think we'd run out of ways to complain about our family members but no, the topic is never-ending. And generally features us planning to run far away and see how our families would manage without us. Alas, we think they would barely blink and would learn to do without all the little things we do to keep the family machine a-runnin'. And it's expensive to run away, dammit!

CPA Boy and I caught up on some TV last night, watching Jeopardy, Terra Nova, The Simpsons and House. I am excited because next week's House episode features a Facebook friend of mine! He is actually friends with my brother from Mandeville High days and I haven't met him in person that I remember (my days in Mandeville are a blurry memory; not happy times for me). This puts me 2 to 3 degrees from Hugh Laurie! Cool.

I've got pork chops thawing for dinner and that's easy enough but I haven't a clue what to serve with them. Well, I think I have a can of baked beans that'll work. Eat up, Boys!

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  1. Crap, I just wrote a whole clever comment, and then Blogger ate it. ANYWAY.

    Sistah! I would've ordered the Goat Mushroom one too and been likewise disappointed by the lack of cheese flavor. And I would've had the Pear Ginger Cardamom one for dessert, which I'm now thinking of attempting on my own. Wish you were here to try a piece! (Well, I wish you were here for lots of reasons.)

    Hey, do you ever get the feeling that we're blogging just for each other? I gave my URL to more than a dozen people, but I think they've all flown de coop. Which makes me very self-righteous and huffy, because if one of MY good friends had a blog, I WOULD visit and comment EVERY DAY!

    (Except, one of them does have a blog and I never read it because it's very worky. But if it were about her LIFE, I would totally read it. Hmmph.)