Wednesday, November 23, 2011

...Sometimes you don't...

Last night I ate a Mounds Bar. I haven't been eating sweets lately (not really counting the dark chocolate-covered edamame or cherries because the chocolate is so bitter to me that I can't really eat them for real ENJOYMENT, ya know?) and the Mounds tasted really good. I have found, however, that whenever I eat something rich it makes my stomach feel kinda, dare I say, queasy. Just a little bit though. But that little bit is enough to keep me from chowing down on large quantities of rich foods.

In the most educational novel I read in high school, Scruples, the heroine Billie starts out chubby. While staying in Paris she slims down. Later in the book another character who struggles with her weight, Dolly, is talking to her and Billie says not eating chocolate is easy for her because it is the color of poo. So she just imagines that it IS poo and she can easily refrain from eating it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS. But give me a hint of a stomach cramp and it's a little easier to avoid it!

I think the other thing that has helped is that I DON'T SNACK. Before September I would go through candy bars, cookies and so forth quite often. I would shop at Cost Plus for the usual stocking stuffer treats for CPA Boy and The Boy and I would also buy a bunch for myself. Then I'd eat them all before Christmas. This year I only bought a package of Toffifay because I really like the hazelnut/chocolate combo. That was it! I am impressed with my fortitude!

And yet, I lose no weight. But I am sure my pancreas thanks me for giving it a rest from all the sugar/carbs I was taking in. I am still hopeful that my metabolism will kick in at some point and start spewing out the pounds!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I was going to prepare some foods today but there is no room in the refrigerator for anything. But once the turkey is in the oven I can get it all done. For right now I am totally Scarlett O'Hara-ing: I'll think about it tomorrow. But I am looking forward to yummy turkey. And my pop will be coming over to eat with us so he can pass judgement on how well I follow his stuffing recipe!

And it was a good week for girlfriends! I had a great chat with my sis-in-law, Francine Bear; made plans for Saturday with CPA Michelle; and had TWO phone calls with my best friend of all, Lady Chardonnay!! Granted, we called each other because each of us reached a low ebb this week but we still had some laughs. For whatever reason (mainly a bad habit from the days when long distance phone calls were out of our budgets and a 3 hour time difference doesn't help either!) we just don't talk much on the phone. We e-mail usually, and lately I think our respective blogs are actually smoke signal communications to each other even though other people read these blogs too. Which really works because now I feel like I really know what's going on daily in her life and she knows what's happening in mine. Cool, right?

I bought a new Christmas tree yesterday. It's tiny, only 4.5 feet tall. We just wanted something to decorate that doesn't entail the rearrangement of an entire room. I will need to purge some ornaments though. That's next week's task.

I watched "Never Let Me Go" and it was a fine adaptation of the book. I have recorded "Inception" and "Ocean's Eleven" (trying to make up a bit on my fundamental George Clooney deficiency but I will really need to be in the mood to follow through and watch it). I also have "Ship of Fools" on the DVR but it always seems to be a movie that I record, don't watch and then delete...until the next time it's on! I like Vivien Leigh though and would like to watch the movie eventually!

Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. I read "Never Let Me Go" recently too! And I haven't seen the movie yet but would like to. "Ocean's Eleven" is great fun, and "Ship of Fools" is wonderful -- amazingly compelling for a classic movie. (Like Mikey and Life cereal, you quickly forget it's good for you.)

    Um, chocolate-covered ... edamame?!