Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Vanilla Yogurt is Hard to Find!

I'm on a mission! I eat my very yummy Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Clusters and Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Just the Clusters mixed with vanilla yogurt for breakfast most mornings. I use the two cereals mixed together because it turns out I like the basic cereal more than the "just the clusters" one. Mixing them together is a sensible way to get through the box.

In any case, vanilla yogurt always seems to be hard to find at the store. I tried Yoplait's French Vanilla and it was okay. I then tried the Raley's Sunnyside Farms brand and it was very generic. Then I tried Trader Joe's Vanilla Yogurt and I don't really like it that much. It doesn't have real vanilla and it's kind of goopy. But I have one or two more containers left to eat my way through before I buy more.

I didn't think to check the ingredients on the first two brands I tried so I don't know if they had real vanilla in them. As I searched the Internet for vanilla yogurt taste tests the consensus seemed to be to just add vanilla extract to plain yogurt. I am not a fan of plain yogurt so I am not sure if this will work for me. Plus I really don't want to "make" yogurt in the morning! Yes, yes, I realize we're talking about adding a spoonful of vanilla to the plain yogurt and stirring, simple. But it's one more step I shouldn't need to make! So the Great Vanilla Yogurt hunt begins!

Meanwhile, most of the decorations are on the Christmas tree. I still need to finish up and do the rest of the decorating. Because our new little tree is so small (only 4.5 feet tall!) I have several strands of snowman garland left. I put some on the stairway banister so far. I'll see where else I can use the rest tomorrow.

But first up tomorrow is driving with my dad to see my aunt at her assisted living home down in San Mateo. That takes up the bulk of the day because we always stop at her house first so Dad can get the mail my cousin has collected. Then we usually get lunch at McDonald's and then visit with my aunt for about 45 minutes. It's getting harder because she can't remember things too well anymore. But my cousin took her to a neurologist and they made some changes so she's moving around and walking. Last month she wasn't doing hardly any walking on her own.

My dieting is going well so this is the time it's easiest to avoid temptation. When you make no progress it is so easy to say, "Well, I'm not losing weight anyway so I may as well eat...." I have been very good when shopping for Christmas goodies (stocking stuffers and the like). I usually make several baked goods before Christmas and I'm trying to figure out the ideal strategy so I won't be tempted. One way might be to make things I'm not crazy about. Say, peanut better fudge instead of regular fudge. Or lemon bars. I like those things okay but I can do without them. My fave thing I always make for the holidays has a brownie base, topped with marshmallows to get all melty. Then you put on a layer that includes melted chocolate chips, rice crispies and peanut butter. YUM! So if I make this, maybe a small batch or not at all. Like I said, if the weight loss is showing signs of life it is much easier to say no to things. Time will tell.

I guess my goal is to actually be able to wear blue jeans again. I haven't worn jeans since before I was pregnant in 1992! I think this will be a good thing to shoot for!

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