Thursday, December 1, 2011

I got crabs! (No, not that kind...)

Yesterday was the first day that fresh Dungeness Crab was available in our neck of the woods. The season was delayed by the usual impasse over the price setting between the crabbers and the wholesalers. Anyway, I got 6 of these to pick clean tomorrow!

Some will be dinner and some will be frozen for crab cakes/crab dip later in the month. Yum!

Then tomorrow afternoon CPA Boy and I are driving to a Sonoma pet shop to choose some new rats to add to our family. We may get 2, 3, or 4, depending upon my husband's tender heart when it comes to baby rats.

Once we know how many then we can start picking out names. For a pair I thought of Wiggins and Tudball but apparently I'm the only human in the world to get the reference! I referred to a couple of our current rats as Heckle and Jeckle and CPA Boy extrapolated Heckle, Jeckle and Hyde.

So, yeah, the names are a work in progress! Our current babies, who are currently quite elderly in rat years, are Kirk, Ernie & Burt. Sadly, Spock died young. Past ratties were Fred & George, Calvina & Hobbie, Wallace & Gromit, and Cocoa & Puff. I thought Calvina & Hobbie were boy rats but they turned out to be girls. We prefer the boys because they will explore some but then they like to settle down and nap on your lap. The girls NEVER stop moving and they leave pee trails as they go. Yuck.

Meanwhile, in surly teen news, The Boy got a speeding ticket last month on his way back from his astronomy lab in Lake Sonoma. He was going 95 MPH and no, NOT a typo. I don't think I've EVER gone that fast in a car!

Don't know what the deal is with him these days. A mother worries but she is also ready to kick his butt out! In the meantime (due to the "mark-on-wall/lying") he does not have use of my car anymore. Time will tell if that privilege will return... In the meantime he has a $480 ticket and he is not eligible for traffic school because he was going too far over the speed limit. Ya think?!

Off to bed!

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