Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Brief Interlude

I still need to write up part 3 of my "Places I've Lived, Places I've Loved" for the college years. I want to do it justice and not just rush it out. Interesting how the college years still loom so large in my memories and it totals such a small percentage of my life. And I was in college for over 6 years! (Don't change schools and don't change majors more than once!)

It is amazing how quickly one gets used to a new routine. My son, an adult 18, has a girlfriend that he gets together with every day. They also get together with friends. This means he gets home most nights about midnight and weekend nights about 2 a.m. I really thought I would never be able to sleep until he got home. I was wrong.

Our system is that I leave the hall light on (I can see it from my bedroom) so I know if he's come home or not. I added having him come in and pat me awake to let me know he's home. This seems to work well.

I want The Boy to always be safe. I no longer have the power to make that happen (if I ever really did in the first place!) and I need to let go.

::Deep breath::

I am coping well. So far. (His girlfriend is very nice by the way!)

I have read a TON of books this month and am anxious to write up my January Book Roundup! I was trying to decide on what symbol to use for ratings. I started with K! Of course. But that leads to my inevitable question, "How do I use 3 K's together without showing up on some Nazi watchdog site?" I will think of something else before Wednesday.

I haven't lost any more weight to speak of but I seem to be where I was two years ago and I think my body thinks this is its old normal weight. I'm at some sort of plateau. Time to work harder and make some progress.

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