Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I don't make new year resolutions. After so many years in school myself and then fostering my son through his school years, I feel the year begins more in August/September than in January.

In any case, now that I am throwing off the shackles of child-rearing (The Boy is 18 now, after all) perhaps a few GOALS would be okay.

  • Write.
    • I fear all my writing may be confined to this blog rather than the sci-fi story I plotted out one night (and then promptly forgot the details come morning).
    • Put a notepad on my nightstand so I don't forget the details come morning.
  • Continue with the weight loss via sensible eating and exercise.
    • Cliche but definitely a goal anyway. So far I am down by 19 pounds over 4 months. Next year at this time I plan to be a mere shadow of my current self!
  • Practice positivity rather than negativity.
    • I have always said things like, "I hate cooking" or "I hate holidays". (I will ALWAYS hate ALL holidays though so don't get your hopes up too high about this changing anytime soon!) Now I am trying to be more upbeat about cooking. Sadly I am still very lazy about going to the grocery and actually cooking but my husband knows this and loves me anyway.
  • Make lists.
    • I have a zillion projects I hope to do and they all seem so large that I never seem to start them. I think a list of major projects then broken down further into manageable pieces might work. Nothing feels more satisfying than checking things off a list!
      •  Put the boxes of pictures and memorabilia into their albums.
        •  I have no illusions that this will be COMPLETED this year but it's high time I got SOME of this off my plate.
      • Organize the digital photos
        • It is STUNNING how fast these build up if you don't keep pace!
      • Organize the print photos
        • I have several boxes going back to childhood that need sorting.
      • Scan and archive documents
        • Things that don't need to be kept in paper form anymore but still need to be kept somehow.
      • Household maintenance
        • When we sold the other house I worked for weeks making it perfect. Caulking, painting, cleaning, etc... Once we moved into this one, 2.5 years ago, I was just tired (and also anemic and 4 months from some necessary girl plumbing surgery that really helped) and it was a long time before I felt 100% healthy. Now it's just laziness.
      • Go through and pare down the comic books.
        • These boxes are stacked in our bedroom and I barely even notice them anymore. But there are several and they do not make pretty bedroom decor!
      • So many other things I am forgetting at this moment!
So my overall theme seems to be "overcome laziness and procrastination"!

So Happy New Year, Dear Readers! I can't promise all (if any) of my blogging will be interesting to you but I feel I have many interesting things to say! (Only one person will get this last comment: Hugs, Honeybunny!)


  1. You have MANY interesting things to say! And the world IS getting warmer! And things are still nice, baby mice! (I think I'm getting that one wrong. Baby mice?)

    New "Downton" next week, woo-hoo!

    Your goals sound swell. Good luck!


  2. Your resolutions sound like a lot of work for CPA BOY.