Monday, January 9, 2012

Organizing My Office, 45s and 10 Dungeness Crab

This is the very first record I ever bought: "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree"! (FYI: My first ALBUM was "The Partridge Family at Home with Their Greatest Hits".) I bought it in 1973 at TG&Y, the dime store where we bought EVERYTHING. Our Halloween costumes --- the kind in boxes, remember them? --- kitchen gadgets, Barbie doll outfits, candy, etc...

I was going through the box of 45s to see what I might like to transfer to digital format. It's one of those things sitting in my office, waiting for me to go through them and make a digital list. Now I have done that and out they go, except for the "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" and one of CPA Boy's: "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home". Because I am going to use it to DECORATE OUR HOME. Duh.

I will head off to iTunes to see what I can buy on my list of 45s. What's crazy is that I have no idea what some of these songs even sound like anymore. An example: Roger Daltrey's "Walking in my Sleep." I'm sure I will recognize it but I bet I haven't actually HEARD it since 1980! And then there are the songs that make me think, "Um, WHY did I buy that?"

Anyway, I am making real progress in the office cleaning/furniture rearranging project. I tossed a bunch of scrapbook magazines that I thought I'd use for ideas and inspiration. Nope, never gonna do that. I rarely use anything other than my own ideas when I scrapbook. Out they went! It feels SO GOOD to reduce the amount of "stuff"!

Then CPA Boy called to see if I wanted any of the Dungeness crab they got at my brother-in-law's shop (the shop, which is owned by my father-in-law, sells various things for machinery and the crabbers bring some crab as a gift every year). I mean, free crab: who are we to say no? So that meant boiling TEN live crab. We have picked clean 4 of them tonight. Six for tomorrow. Whee. But it's FREE and we are too stupid thrifty to turn it down. I appreciate it greatly but it does kinda throw a monkey wrench into the meal planning for the week! I will freeze most of it for crab cakes later in the spring.

I went through the rest of the books on my "writing bookcase" and weeded down some more. I read the inscription on a blank book my mom gave me for Christmas 1981 and I got all teary eyed looking at it. (It's a fancy blank book, with unicorns and other beautiful drawings edging the pages.) The inscription reads, "I love you more than you know. Love, Mom"  ::sniff::

Mom would have been happy to see the New Orleans Saints back in the hunt for the Superbowl. There are a couple more obstacles before that happens though. Up next: the S.F. 49ers. Go Saints!

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