Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slow Kelly News Day

I had a small headache this afternoon so I got nothing done on the homefront today. There's always tomorrow!

I guess it's not REALLY true that nothing happened today.

I did go out with Pop on our usual Tuesday shopping/post office outing. We ended up back at his place and somehow the topic came up on whether he might have been sent to Greece during his (peacetime but during the Cold War) army service because he spoke the language. This meant pulling out his binder of army paperwork. It turns out that he did not have Greek listed in the "languages known" box so we'll never know if that would have qualified him for duty in Greece or not. Instead he went to Germany. (Elvis Presley was famously sent to Germany for HIS army service around the same time but at a different army base. Their paths never crossed.)

As Pop went through the binder I got to hear some more great stories as various things reminded him of some fun tidbits. Some are already included in his "Autobiography" that he finished writing a couple of years ago; some were new. It was really cool. We joked that next week we will go through his binder of school records followed by the binder of his automobiles. I made a big show of being unexcited about the cars, but I really think it will be fun to hear more details about everything.

I ate too much crab for dinner. And I have to pick through 6 more for freezing.

Once my office project is completer (yes, I know that's not a word) I hope to have some more interesting things to share re: "Kelly's Turning 50" retrospective. I know you can hardly wait.


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  1. "Too much crab," mmmmm. That is a quality problem!

    I wish I was there to help you organize stuff. I LOVE organizing other people's crap piles. And then we could hunker down and eat some crab. And then go to the movies. A perfect J-K day!