Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Days in a Row!

I went for my second walk this week around my "block". I live where the X is (towards the bottom) and the block measures about 3/4 of a mile. It takes me almost 20 minutes; yes, I am pitifully slow. But I anticipate becoming faster if I keep it up every day. Our neighborhood is nice and flat too (we are not allowed on the slightly hillier golf course paths). When I get a bit faster my plan is to add a bit of jogging for interval training. We'll see.

Today I am just proud of myself for doing something two days in a row! The weather is overcast and in the 50s so it's perfect.

I got my referral for physical therapy so I plan to start that this week. Physical therapy is one of those treatments that hurts while you do it and I am not looking forward to that part but I need my shoulder to stop hurting! And regain more range of motion! When I brush my hair on the right side it hurts too much to complete the stroke; I need to use my left hand to brush the right side (my hair's longish right now --- it reaches my bra strap in back to give you an idea of how long).

Various vacation plans seem to be setting themselves up: Colorado in June (visit K2 with CPA Boy and my pop), Southern California in March (visit Everest & his missus with Pop), Mendocino in summer too (Lady Chardonnay! I hope!). And I am not one who loves travel but I think it WILL be nice to visit family and get out of the house for a while.

I've already received two invitations for 50th birthday parties, one at the end of February and one in June. I am not having a party myself though. I did find a cake recipe I want to try for my birthday (I think it's called Black & White Coffee Cake, featuring vanilla and chocolate cake and white and chocolate glazes). I would also like to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. These are my "exciting" plans.

I think the Oscars are the weekend of my birthday too. Yep, the 26th. The Oscars don't thrill me like they used to mainly because I don't see that many movies anymore. This year I have actually seen a couple so I at least have something to root for!

Was it "Entertainment Weekly" that had an article about Luise Rainer this week? Anyway, I think they referred to her as the "last remaining link to the glitz and glamour of prewar Hollywood". I guess they don't count Olivia de Havilland? She didn't win her first Oscar until 1946 so maybe that's why? (Her sister Joan Fontaine is still alive too!)

Tomorrow may be "rearrange the kitchen pantry and put down the shelf paper I bought 2 years ago" day. We'll see. But the pantry is a mess and needs to be cleaned and reorganized. Considering I don't mind things cluttering the counter tops, I HATE messy drawers and cupboards! Weird!

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