Friday, January 20, 2012

You Want an Update on My Life???

I got an update for you!

  • My office is rearranged and ready for action on projects! First up: starting the vacation scrapbook.
  • My shoulder problem is so much worse now, mainly in the last three weeks. I went to the doctor's office today though I actually saw a very nice nurse practitioner named Patricia instead of my regular doctor who doesn't work on Fridays. She moved my arm around to see what my range was (not a lot) so now it hurts more than usual. I have several meds around the house: some vicodin, some tylenol with codeine and some double strength ibuprofen. Patricia is stunned that I took no pain meds but I always tough these things out. Now that the pain is more constant I'm hitting the drugs! 
    • By the way, these meds are all left over from when The Boy and I had surgeries a couple of years ago. My mom always taught me to stop pain meds as soon as possible so you don't get addicted. So I have learned to live with pain rather than deaden it. Which is kind of stupid; that's what meds are FOR! And I only have a small amount of them so addiction is unlikely.
    • I also had some x-rays done so we'll see how they come out. Next up: an MRI and/or physical therapy. Whee.
    • I also had some skin tags removed from my thigh. And a flu shot. Fun day in health land.
  • CPA Boy bought a new car! We are not the kind of people to really BRAG about new cars but the big news in this is that The Boy can use his dad's old car instead of mine! The new car is another Prius. It's a very pretty dark blue.
  • The Boy has a girlfriend! We haven't met her yet but we only got the news today. So cute. Much thanks are owed to best friend Samwise; he set them up!
  • Unfortunately some bad news too: our great-uncle Harry passed away yesterday at age 90 (CPA Boy's grandmother's brother). He was a proud veteran of WWII (he knew Patton!). He was a very sweet man; we'll miss him.

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