Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are These Flowers Absorbitant?!

CPA Boy surprised me with flowers for Valentine's Day and my first thought was, "How sweet!" And my second was, "Dammit, now I'll need to make him dinner instead of making him bring some home!"

We don't generally pay attention to V Day. It comes on the heels of Christmas and his birthday and just 10 days before mine. I, practical (and CHEAP) in my nature, hate the idea of his spending money on premium-priced flowers when he can wait for 10 days for NON-premium-priced flowers!

That and I have always despised Valentine's Day. I think, with one exception, I have never even had a boyfriend over any V Day. By the time CPA Boy came along I was DONE with it. (I generally prefer attention on my birthday. And on our wedding anniversary but we sadly chose the end of September, right at the end of regular season baseball and the start of hockey season so now we mostly ignore that now too.) 

We watch a sitcom called "The Middle" and when the parents discuss Valentine's Day, it went something like this:

Wife: I don't want to go out.
Husband: We could stay home and watch TV and I'll get a bucket of chicken.
Wife: Perfect! Oh wait, you'll want to watch sports, right? I don't want to watch sports.
Husband: Okay, bucket of chicken, separate TVs in separate rooms.
Wife: Perfect!

This is usually us minus the chicken (I prefer something from Wendy's or one of local delis).

Although, since the San Jose Sharks didn't play on Tuesday, we watched television TOGETHER. So there. And I made one of his favorite dinners (an easy one, but still). Ah romance!

But the picture above are the flowers I got: roses, carnations and a third flower I don't know the name of. Mini mums? Dahlias? But they are pink and pretty. My hubby is good to me. Except during sports...

[Our Boy, meanwhile, took his girlfriend out to dinner to Outback. He was also borrowing some of my craft supplies so I think he made something for her too!]

Physical therapy is NOT fun but my therapist today was a nice young man named Jeff and we chatted about all sorts of interesting things while he tried to kill me with painful contortions of my arm. My regular physical therapist is a nice woman named Julie when Jeff goes back to his regular office (he was subbing for a therapist on medical leave). She and I discussed all things menopausal. Maybe this is why I like hanging out with guys more!

A trip to Costco yesterday also did not help my shoulder much and I foresee pain meds before bedtime tonight! Usually my arm hurts only when I move it or sleep on it; now it hurts at a low-grade level constantly. Julie told me it could take about 8 months to get my range of motion back! Bleah.

Oh, and here is the best misspelling of a word I've seen in a while, about the lines at See's Candy on Valentine's Day: "You have people standing in long lines to pay absorbitant money for .........candy."

CPA Boy's comment: "I think See's did soak it to them."

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  1. CPA Boy is as brilliant as ever.

    Do you remember when we came to visit many years ago, and the Seattle Mariners were in the playoffs, and I was waxing rhapsodic about cute cute Edgar Martinez?

    CPA Boy: "EDGAR MARTINEZ? He's not even the cutest one on the team!!!"

    Me: "Um - who do YOU think is the cutest?"

    CPA Boy: [sputters]

    Me: "It's possible we don't have the same taste in men."

    STILL cracks me up!!!!