Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Hate Changes at My Old Schools!

Getting the "where I've lived" college edition is taking longer than planned because I have been busy tracking down pictures.

But first some background. I attended two colleges: The University of California at Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University. Both of them have made HUGE changes to the dorms.

Due to earthquake damage in 1989 one dorm was torn down at SFSU and a whole bunch of other buildings have taken its place (and I swear one of the new buildings looks like a big jukebox!).

At Porter College there are several new dorm/apartment buildings. And now there's an actual College Eight, and new Colleges Nine and Ten. Freaky.

College Eight dorm students used to live at Porter, which was still College Five in my day. A LOT of my friends were College Eight students.

But the biggest change was to A- and B-Dorms. Each of these U-shaped buildings formed the Quad. A-Dorm was 4 stories tall and B-Dorm was 5 stories but the 1st floor was below the level of the Quad so it only looked like a 4 story building.

Anyway, each of these dorms got a MAJOR facelift: 2 stories were added and the whole facade looks different.

When CPA Boy, The Boy and I went to Monterey in 2006 we stopped in Santa Cruz so I could show them around. I walked around saying, "This is DIFFERENT! That wasn't there!" The guys were like, "It looks nice to us." Because they didn't know better. For goodness sake, the ROAD had been moved!!!

Then Lady Chardonnay & I visited Santa Cruz a year later and we were able to share our indignation that the campus did not stay EXACTLY THE SAME as it was when we went there!

For example, she and I walked up to Kresge College, the site of our infamous Summer of '82 apartment (details coming soon!), and it turns out that those apartments had been torn down and replaced with new buildings! It's hard to be nostalgic around new buildings!

So of course it's SILLY to expect a place to remain the same after 30+ years. God knows our BODIES haven't! Oh well.

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