Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Inch Gone!

I remember reading about --- or perhaps someone told me--- how you should really pay more attention to your measurements when you try to lose weight rather than focus solely on pounds lost. (Was that you, Lady C?)

I took a preliminary measurement of my waist in August 2011 and there has been no change until today: ONE INCH SMALLER!!! I really feel motivated by this!

I only took my waist measurement because it is easy to find. The hips, bust, and other measurements rely on taking a reading at the "largest part" and I find that to be somewhat subjective. It's not always easy to get the tape in the same place each time. And anyway, if one measurement is getting smaller it follows that the others are too! Right?!

I took my 3/4 mile walks every day of the week. I took today off and will go back out tomorrow. I find myself thinking about future, such as longer routes, and get all panicky about them "Too long! Too tiring!"). I am keeping those thoughts away and focusing on my 15 minutes only! It seemed to get easier with every passing day. The longer routes will come.

It also might be fun to throw some dancing into the mix. I have made an exercise playlist on my iPod so I can start with that on Monday.

Monday is also my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder. I am not looking forward to it per se but I will be glad if it ultimately makes the pain go away. And get full use of my arm back!

I have no interest whatsoever in watching the Superbowl tomorrow. So many commercials are already online and what's not yet will be on Monday.

I need to get caught up on "Downton Abbey" too but my Season 2 DVD copy arrives on Tuesday (I hope!) so I will wait until then and obsess all at once.

 My latest project is getting the vacation scrapbook mapped out. I have pictures and memorabilia that needs to be organized and whittled down. Once I have a basic road map of what goes where then the fun begins: putting pages together!

My brothers, Ev and K2, play "Words with Friends" and want me to play too. I would need to do it through Facebook since I don't have anything that uses apps but I am not really sure I want to do it. Pros: Playing with the bros would be fun; I am good at word games. Cons: I don't want to play with strangers (I'm not sure how you set limits); I don't need anyone on my Facebook friends list knowing I'm playing. I'm torn. So the easy answer for now is "no".

Real problems, eh?


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