Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greek Food, Scraggly Beards and Bedding

I am just back from a week in Orange County. Dad and I spent time with my brother Everest and Mrs. Everest just hanging out. They invited some friends over for a Sunday gathering which was fun. Dad made a couple of Greek main courses and an appetizer dip. 

Our family calls one dish "Stuffed Stuff" which is basically stuffed peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and/or zucchini filled with meat, rice, and spices. It is not the time of year for zucchini so Dad was going to substitute eggplant (you need to use the inside scoopings for the rice/meat mixture) but the eggplant turned out to be bad inside so he and Ev scrambled to make up the difference with other things. In any case it tasted just the same as always: delicious!

The second dish was Stefado (sometimes spelled Stifado), a Greek stew with beef, garlic, onions and spices. The garlic is separated into its individual cloves and the skin is left on. During cooking the garlic softens nicely. To eat it you pick up the clove and suck out the garlic (you don't eat the skins). You can also spread it onto your french bread.

The dip was called Skordalia, kinda pronounced like score-thall-YAH. (NOT score-DAY-lee-ya!) It is made in a mortar and pestle with potatoes and garlic (and other things). In these modern days you would use a blender or food processor but Dad has his mother's wooden mortar and pestle so they made it the old fashioned way.

When I got back home I thought it might be time to send The Boy to a photographer to get some portraits done. The yearbook had wanted portraits turned in by November 30 and he didn't get his braces off until December 15. I have no problem with braces in photographs but since these would be the ones that will stay on the wall for years I really wanted his pictures brace-less. So they had a photographer at school who did quick appointments for the formal yearbook pictures. For the casual yearbook photo I took a few pictures in the backyard. (I was not bothered that the pictures in the yearbook showed braces.) This was the best and I really love it!
But I got home and was greeted by a son with a scraggly growth of beard. He is growing it out, possibly because his best friend Ginger Sam always has a great beard going. Ginger Sam can be clean-shaven one day and practically sport a full beard the next. He is also a blond young man who grows a very red-haired beard which he calls "ginger". Now MY boy is starting to resemble Maynard G. Krebs (as played by a pre-"Gilligan's Island" Bob Denver) in the "Dobie Gillis" show from the late 50s/early 60s! Except it may be a while before his beard reaches Maynard's beatnik goatee!

Therefore portraits are now on hold. Guh.

And apparently my son also shares Maynard G. Krebs' fear of "work": whenever the word was mentioned Maynard would freak out and start hiccuping the word in a high pitched voice: "Work!" I found this clip on YouTube that demonstrates:

In the meantime I am trying to catch up on TV I recorded while I was gone as well as continuing work (work!) on my pile of library books.

Ooh, and the only thing I bought in So Cal was this:

It's what we have been looking for for years! A red and black reversible coverlet. The red side is embroidered with black thread that looks really cool.

We have the house decorated in black, red and white so I have been searching for something for the bedroom in red and black and it seemed that everything red on one side was always navy blue on the other. Ugh. I accompanied Mrs. Ev to Kohl's where she was looking at bedspreads and I saw this new pattern, yay! And it was on sale (you don't want to buy any other way at Kohl's!). The comforter looks like this but I am still undecided:

I just noticed today that there is a matching shower curtain too! And of course this means it may be time to buy some new towels. And sheets. And a new bedroom set. (CPA Boy is already fatigued just thinking about all the money I plan to spend! Work harder, Husband! Hey, at least I don't plan to get a new husband!)

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