Sunday, March 11, 2012

To SoCal in 4 Days...and I'm Not Ready!!

On Thursday I am driving to Southern California to stay with my brother Everest and his wife, Mrs. Ev. Dad is coming with me and we will be gone a week. The Evs live in Huntington Beach, Orange County, which means they are approximately on the left side of the "O" in the map above.

As I really only have 3 days left before I leave, it now being 8 p.m. on Sunday night, I am starting my usual pre-travel freakout. There are so many things to get done before I leave: laundry, shopping (a Target run for household staples, my prescriptions and "rat veggies"), one more physical therapy appointment, another library trip for more books, a stop at Goodwill and the recycle center (all the stuff is already loaded in my car), clean up my office, finish repairing the afghan I made for Ev so I can return it to him, charge my iPod and camera, pay some medical bills, make dinners for the next three nights, straighten the house, and pack!

I know everything will get done but I tend to get overwrought anyway. After all, I am the woman who, on leaving Chico, California on my way to San Francisco, decided to get her bridge toll money ready within 20 minutes of leaving. Yes, the bridge in question was still about THREE HOURS AWAY but I am like that. And as it turned out, I had forgotten my purse in Chico and had to go back for it. So if I had not been so anal about the toll I wouldn't have realized I was missing my purse until I was in the toll booth line. And I would have REALLY FREAKED OUT.

It turns out that I cannot contain myself when faced with a big pile of library books and I will finish 3 of 7 before Thursday, hence the extra library run. (Note to CPA Boy: NO Star Trek: Voyager jokes, please!)

And today I somehow tweaked my lower back when loading the car with Goodwill donations. Grrrr. What with my shoulder issues it really is the icing on the (painful-and-creeping-into-old-age) cake. Double grrrr.

And don't even get me started on the switch to Daylight Savings Time. HOW, exactly, are we SAVING DAYLIGHT?!

So back to the So Cal trip: some people have asked me what I'll be doing when I'm there. And the answer is pretty much, hang out with my family with one exception: I need to drive to Disneyland to take pictures of the commemorative stone from the Smith Family Trip (my father- and mother-in-law took CPA BOY and all his siblings, their spouses and their kids to Disneyland in 2009). Luckily the stone is located in the entrance area so I don't need to pay to get to it.

I will be without my computer however so there will be no blog updates. I will have a week without e-mail, comic strips, Facebook or anything else! It is always nice to have a little break from the digital world.

Full disclosure: I bought a new iPad and it will be delivered on Friday, the day after I leave. My intention was to HAVE access to the digital world on the trip! Oh well. More time to chat with my family and more time to read my library books!

Meanwhile, it's now 8:25 p.m. and my teenage son has still to emerge from his room. (He was supposed to help me with the Goodwill car-packing so I've decided to blame him for my back pain.)

Off to afghan repair work!

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