Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zombies, Lawrence, Zhivago, Library & Outback

I've been wanting to post something, anything really, but life has been quiet in the last week. But here's an update because even a quiet week is vastly entertaining, no? No.

I got the game Plants vs. Zombies from my hubby for my birthday (it was on my wish list), which I play on my Nintendo DS. I have been a bit addicted to it. So that accounts for a small chunk of time.

I recorded "Lawrence of Arabia" from TCM and watched it over a 2 day period. I kind of love movies with musical overtures and entr'actes. The entr'acte especially helps in cutting a film into more easily digested pieces because they seem to come at a mini-climax. I immediately recognized the music from the movie even though I had never seen it before. It really is beautiful. As is the cinematography.

The film, despite the presence of a hot, young Peter O'Toole (SUCH blue eyes! SUCH blond hair!) and an equally young and hot Omar Sharif (just wow!), was disappointing. It sometimes made no sense and it really didn't have an ending. I'm still not sure if Lawrence was a good guy or kind of a bad guy! And lots of desert crossing which will never really make for interesting watching.

I have no real goal to see all the Best Picture Oscar winners (that's more Lady Chardonnay's thing) but I try to see as many overall classic films as I can. And since "Lawrence" was a 1962 film as well as an Oscar winner, I thought I would check it out. I'm glad I did but I will never watch it again!

  • Fun fact: The ONLY year for which I have watched ALL the Best Picture nominees is 1981, probably my biggest film-going year. "Chariots of Fire", "Reds", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "On Golden Pond", "Atlantic City". "Chariots" won but I think "Reds" or "Raiders" would be better choices.

While watching the movie I wondered how much audiences understood of the Arab situation in 1962. I mean, I'm not even sure I knew there was another major religion called Islam until I was well into adulthood. This seems terribly ignorant of me and I've been trying to puzzle out why. In the 1960s and '70s it seemed that Black Muslims were in the news a lot. Perhaps growing up in the Deep South meant that any reference to those who identified as Black Muslims was mainly pejorative. As a child I never connected it to religion, just that some men changed their names, notably Mohammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In any case, I did not know that Muslims equated to those who espoused Islam. I remember the term "Moslem" but it was used mainly in connotation with the Crusades, which in the Catholic school history books meant they were the enemy.

So were people in 1962 less ignorant in religious history and "Lawrence of Arabia" made complete sense to them?

Meanwhile I have begun reading Dr. Zhivago but it's rough going. It's kind of cliche but good grief, those Russian names and all the accompanying nicknames make it hard to tell who's who! I am only about 4 chapters in and it seems a good story so I think I will sort everyone out as the book goes on. I would really like to see the movie though (also starring Omar Sharif).

I am going to Southern California a week from Thursday so in anticipation I have requested a bunch of books from the library. For the record, the above photo is of Petaluma's original library, funded by Andrew Carnegie. It's now the Petaluma Historic Museum. At first I could not find a picture of the current library but I persevered and found this:

Yep, it's not very pretty AT ALL. Very utilitarian I suppose. There ARE nice parts: the copper siding (you can see a bit to the right - surprised it hasn't been stolen yet) and the wooden beam interior. I'll be there later this week picking up at least 8 books!

For lunch/dinner today we went to Outback. We have several gift cards to use so it cost us NOTHING! There was a new dessert on the menu --- chocolate waffles --- and we tried it. Oh my, it was SO yummy! I will need to walk a LOT more this week! And eat a LOT less. The whole birthday thing turned into a complete food fest and I will need to make up for it going forward. Sadly these pounds won't be lost without some major effort from me! (But the waffles were REALLY good!)

The week going forward will include:
  • More physical therapy: I'm making progress but it's slow.
  • Visiting the DMV to change the license plates on CPA Boy's and The Boy's cars.
  • Continue working on my current project: organizing my CDs and DVDs. I refer to the ones for the computer not the television. I have old computer games, software for equipment I no longer have (those have been tossed) and my favorite: a computer backup from 2004. 
    • This involves transferring files to new DVDs that will go into the safe deposit box. It's just a dull, dull, necessary task.


  1. "...and I will e-mail my dearest BF and tell her how much I loved my birthday presents, esp. the slugs, and finally let her know how I'm doing and how I spent my birthday."

    Awesome! What a good list.

    If you had told me the current Petaluma library was the Chico library, I wouldn't have batted an eye. They must have had the same architect.

    And yay, you answered my unasked question: What else was nominated during "Chariots"' year, and how on earth did that snoozefest win? Yeah, there's not a real clear winner that year, I guess. Reds = another snoozefest. On Golden Pond: schmaltzy. Raiders: kid movie. I guess I would vote for Atlantic City, not that I'm dying to see it again, but Susan Sarandon was HOT. (I finally finished Chariots, btw. I *could not believe* that was the ending. I think this is one you have to see on the big screen, wide awake, to remotely appreciate it. Or maybe it's just me!)

    Good luck with all your projects, particularly the last "implied" item.

    (You love me!)


  2. I am with Lady C on Reds, since I "saw" it in the theater and fell asleep during the interviews, missing the "movie." I *know* she loves all her gifts because she made me and The Boy watch her open, comment and revel on each one. Fun, fun, fun.