Friday, April 27, 2012


No real theme to this post, just random thoughts.

In 1940 Census news, we found my mom's family! My Uncle Bill was in Portugal but he called Dad back and gave him the information necessary to find Mom and her family in less than 5 minutes. It turns out that the move to what I think of as "my grandparents' house" on Chestnut Street (in New Orleans) wasn't actually made until 1941. Mom always thought it was in 1940 which is coincidentally when Dad's family moved to the house in San Mateo that I think of as "my grandmother's house".

If I was super-wealthy I would love to own each of those houses. But then it wouldn't be the same because all the furniture is gone and each house has been remodeled to a great extent. And of course none of my grandparents are still alive. Dad's dad died in 1959 so I never got to meet him. Dad's mom died in 1984. Mom's mom died in 1987 and her dad in 1992.

I can't believe 20 years have passed. And yet my grandparents are always WITH me, you know? I have not been to either of the houses since before they died so I am able to imagine them still living there, just like I remember them. I see them in my dreams every once in a while too which is so nice.

I am still working my way through a big pile of library books. I have branched out to fiction so I was able to get The Invention of Hugo Cabret in 2 days. I would've needed to wait months for it to come through on Paperback Swap. I really wanted to see the movie but our local theater was only showing it in 3D. It's not that I hate 3D (I'm ambivalent) but that it cost $2 more and I am cheap.

(Actually, in college, I got to see a 3D showing of "Creature From the Black Lagoon".)

Another book I picked up at the library was The Mindset Lists of American History. I had high hopes for this book but I thought it would cover things on a year-by-year basis. Instead it uses a generational jump, where every list is about 13 years apart. The lists and accompanying essays basically set out what that year's high school graduate has always known to be true. (For example, for the Class of 1996, Elvis has always been dead.)

I would have loved to see the Class of 1980 covered but they went with 1983. (And the one before that was 1970.) It seems silly but 3 years is a pretty big difference in cultural terms. I know this from experience because CPA Boy is from the Class of 1983 and there are several things that are different for us. Our joke is that I watched several TV shows when they originally aired; he only saw them in syndication, if at all.

It's the same issue I have with being (technically) a part of the Baby Boomer generation, which covers those born 1946 to 1964. Being on the tail end of that range means I really have nothing in common with the Baby Boomers of the 40s and 50s. "Baby Boomers start retiring this year!" read a headline in 2009 as the 1946ers began turned 65. MY age mates won't reach retirement age until we are 67 in 2029!

Generalizations about the Baby Boomers are really about the older members!

That is my spiffy new scanner which I will try out once I finish writing this post. You can feed things through it or roll it across the item you want to scan. I have so many things I'd like to digitize and this looks like a nice, fast way to do it.

I finally have all the Disneyland pictures from the trip we took with my in-laws in 2009. CPA Boy, his parents, his siblings, their spouses and their kids all made their way to Southern California for a trip generously financed by my mother- and father-in-law. There were 17 of us and we could all fit into one Pirates of the Caribbean boat!

I had all the pictures from 4 out of 5 families and I just got the last group last week. Yep, we are on top of things in the Smith Family!

Now I will be able to pick out the best and make a digital scrapbook for my in-laws. And I can scan the memorabilia with my new scanner!

It's time to add a new pin to my Schulz Museum collection. As part of my membership (the museum is just up the freeway in Santa Rosa) I get a new pin every year. I made a hanging display of red felt.

I also made some displays for all of CPA Boy's season ticket holder and other commemorative pins for the Oakland Athletics. His pins go back to 1988. Instead of using a rectangular piece of green felt he wanted them to look like home plates. They came out pretty cute.

The Boy is apparently looking for a job. He does not have one yet though. Details as events warrant.

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