Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring in Bloom

This is our house in Petaluma. We have a large front lawn to the left of the house. The golf course path from the 8th hole to the 9th is between the yard and the back fences of the other houses. Our house looks so boring in this shot! There are 4 ornamental pear trees and they are covered with blooms (similar to cherry blossoms) for about 2 weeks in March each year. The rest of the time they are fairly dull. There used to be another ornamental pear tree that was HUGE but due to limb failures (it completely blocked the garage doors!) we had it removed. It used to block the sun from the house all day. The tree was at the left end of the short brick wall and was probably closer to 3 stories tall. Not a lot of color around the garage either so we will need to delve deeper into the yard...
Here is the view as you walk up the path to the front door (on the right just before the fence). Almost everything is in bloom right now so it looks great in person.

 Here are some closer shots of the front yard rose bushes. And one of our ceramic sheep!

There are many carnation plants because our landscaper paid attention when I said they were my favorite flowers. He planted a bunch. When I open the front door I can smell them!

Next to the front gate a bunch of purple flowers grow like a weed every year. I assume they are remnants from the prior owners' gardening. There used to be another ornamental pear tree in front that was HUGE but due to limb failures we had it removed. It used to block the sun from the house all day. The tree was at the left end of the short brick wall and was probably closer to 3 stories tall. The point is that the front area gets full sun now when originally it got  very little.
Closest to the street is a patch of yard that is covered with bark mulch and day lilies. Some of the lilies are yellow and some are red.
At the back of the bark mulch and in front of the lawn are azaleas. They will someday be larger bushes which will form a nice hedge behind the trees. They only bloom briefly in the spring and are plain green the rest of the year.
Between the lawn and the golf course path are rock roses. They will also form a large hedge eventually. Originally this was all lawn but our property line is about 4 feet from the golf course path. The golf course grounds crew would randomly mow part of our lawn twice a week so the lawn always looked ridiculous, with a big mown section chomped out in some random way.

When the golf course was closed and going through bankruptcy proceedings (it's now open again) the path was used by people living in the neighborhood as a walking path. So they would come down the path toward the street and then cut across our lawn towards the driveway. They were starting to wear a path into our front lawn! By placing the line of rock roses the problem was solved because people didn't climb over them to get to the lawn.

 When I open the front door this is what I see:

And now some backyard shots. This white rose was so pretty I took a close up. On one side of the yard is a rosemary bush, a lemon verbena tree and this white rose bush and a red one. The red one is an "Ingrid Bergman" (no blooms right now so no picture) and I assume the white one has a fancy name too but I haven't bothered to dig down to look for the tag.
This rose is a climbing bush that used to be all over the trellis and practically onto the roof of the house. I finally learned what rose hips were! They grow when roses aren't cut back regularly and are hard and not fun to step on. Anyway, I had the gardeners cut it back and they keep it trimmed. We had discussed removing it altogether and replacing it with a small citrus tree instead but this rose smells so wonderful, kind of like a rosy peach, that I couldn't bear to have it removed, even though the flowers are orange (one of my least favorite colors). It blooms like crazy in every season but winter so I am always bringing a bunch inside. They smell so good that I can ignore the orange color!
The prior owners loved roses and there are many in the backyard. Most of them are climbing bushes which is silly if you don't train them onto a trellis or something.

This one has a zillion blooms...
An interloper of sorts, a hibiscus, also known as a Rose of Sharon.
A climbing rose bush with no where to go...
I took this picture a week ago and there are so many more flowers now that most of this bush is lying on the ground under the weight of them. Time to look into trellis prices!
A close up of one of the calla lilies...
I have no idea what this plant is, but it is very pretty. There is also a lilac bush in the backyard but it's already bloomed and the flowers are gone. I am hoping that it will flower again before next year.
And there is also a hydrangea bush in the backyard but I loathe hydrangeas so I refuse to acknowledge its existence by photographing it!

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  1. Now I am missing home. Hope to be there soon. So pretty. And the flowers, too.