Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Back to the Old Routine

We returned from our trip to Colorado on Sunday night, which was Father's Day. I was so unaware that I didn't even remember that until we dropped Pops off and CPA Boy said, "Happy Father's Day!" Yes, I had my dad in the car ALL DAY and did not remember it was Father's Day. Which is crazy because I had been joking before the trip that his "present" was going to be getting a ride home.

Oh well. Pops is cool. He is an easy travel companion, up for adventure. He just enjoys life as it comes. He is also great at keeping himself entertained during lulls. He will pick up a book, watch TV, nap, or just hang out and chat with us. And he has no problem eating anywhere we end up. Pops also has a great sense of humor so he is always fun to have along. We are lucky.

The rest of the week was not so much busy but CPA Boy still had time off and we spent a lot of time together. We went shopping for groceries and ate out for lunch a couple of times. Then we went on a DVD marathon, watching the first two seasons of "Mad Men", which he had not seen. I started watching regularly at the start of the second season but I caught up with season 1 while The Boy was at boy scout camp and CPA Boy was in Maryland on a business/baseball trip. I had made a huge pot of curry for dinner(s) and IT WAS THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! I watched all 13 episodes in about 3 days and finally understood why it was such a critical darling.

Meanwhile, CPA Boy would catch random moments here and there and then he was sucked in. So now we watch "Mad Men" together. In fact, we watched the last episode of season 5 in Colorado that K2 kindly recorded for us.

But before we tackled "Mad Men" we watched "Moneyball". CPA Boy had received it for his birthday months ago and we just hadn't gotten to it during the regular TV season. He has gone to Oakland A's games since long before I knew him although his first year as season ticket holder was the year we met, 1989. So even *I* knew the background of "Moneyball"!

We were interested in the players depicted and those who made no appearance by name. In a big example, the 2002 season depicted in the film included Barry Zito's Cy Young Award-winning year and he was not shown or even mentioned at all! Obviously there are legal reasons why some players don't appear along with storyline purposes.

The movie was good though. I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan so I don't "squee" over him like some do but he is a perfectly fine actor.

So, since CPA Boy is actually going to an A's game tomorrow, my old routine gets back into gear: laundry, cooking dinner, housecleaning, and so on. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday so I can go over the blood tests I have every year to make sure my thyroid and blood pressure meds are still on target. I am getting back on track with my eating too which means giving up sweets for a while and eating more fruits and veggies.

There are several house projects to get organized. Mostly little things like call someone to fix the fence where boards are falling off. We need to have the electrician do a little work. The roof still leaks when it rains even though it was "repaired" in December. Then there are the things that need to be done like new gutters. This may not actually get done this year but it won't hurt to have a couple people out to give us an estimate.

We also want to replace some of the window coverings. For instance, our bedroom has a sliding glass door. There are two sets of horizontal blinds covering it rather than one vertical blind. To exit you need to haul up one very heavy wooden blind on a delicate nylon cord. This same arrangement existed on the sliding door to the backyard. The prior owners must have kept it in the up position all the time because I broke the cord within a couple of months of moving in (the cord frayed from going up and down every day I guess). The golf course path goes around the back of our house and I don't like people looking in on the kitchen and family room. Pops helped me and put up a curtain rod so I have a curtain there now.And there are windows that have no coverings whatsoever.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me hate being a homeowner. I'd rather spend money on things for the house like new flatware, or a comfy reading chair, not gutters, fence repair or house painting! But all are necessary so summer means time to make a dent in the house to-do list!

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