Monday, June 4, 2012

Travel Prep

"Cool" is not the word. We will be in the Denver area starting on Thursday and it is forecast to be in the 90s the entire time we are there. So I am hoping we will be air conditioned by an actual air conditioner because I just don't think we'll be able to count on Mother Nature this trip.

I usually clean the house completely before I travel anywhere. That way you come back to a nice, clean house. But the whole process just adds to my stress level so this time I am not cleaning. I am just putting things away. Besides, our son will be here the whole time with his hoard of friends so no sense going overboard.

This whole decision makes me feel better.

But I still need to pack tomorrow since we leave early Wednesday morning. And my goodness, all of the electronics! Camera, phone, GPS, iPod, iPad, hair dryer (pretty sure my brother doesn't have one) and all of their attendant cords and such. I forgot to buy a new memory card for my camera. Well that's not true. I went to Staples today but couldn't remember which kind to get so I will need to try again tomorrow. All those cards look alike to me. But I knew I needed some sort of "stick" (Memory Stick Pro Duo to be exact) and all the cards were labeled SDHC and I am still not sure which is compatible, if any.

Our little rat Kirk turned out to have a cancerous growth. Most of it was removed today so he seems to be more comfortable even though the prognosis is not good. Because he needs such constant care he will be staying at the vet's office while we are gone. He is home tonight to hang out with CPA Boy though before going back tomorrow.  (The Boy will take care of the rest of the gang at home.)

Speaking of The Boy, he got a job! He will be working at the movie theater downtown.

CPA Boy and the other partners at his firm got to attend the San Francisco Giants game last Friday in a suite, la di da! My husband is NOT a Giants fan but he hadn't been to AT&T Park yet. So you know what this means, right?! I got another baseball souvenir!
It's an off-brand Lego-style player! It's really cute. Next stop: Coors Field and a Colorado Rockies souvenir! Unless I melt in the sun first.

Once I've rounded up all of the other souvenirs I will get some more pictures together.

We are staying in a motel on the Nevada/Utah border and they have Internet access so hopefully I will be able to blog the first night out.

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