Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation - Day 1 - June 8

"Happy Birthday to K2!"

Friday was K2's birthday. We had a late lunch at a wonderful local restaurant named NoNo's Cafe which serves New Orleans cuisine. We started with an appetizer, Seafood Nachos. Yum!

Mmmmmm.....crawfish, shrimp and crabmeat!!!

Pops quaffed a locally brewed beer with his meal.
"Quaff THIS, Everest!" (NOT an actual quote by Pops!)

We had meals with names like Crawfish Monica, Crawfish Pie, Roast Beef Po'Boy and Monica's Smothered Catfish. And beignets for dessert!
Yes, it DOES look like we have the whole place to ourselves!

Pops made a birthday cake for K2 using my mom's recipe for whipped cream and chocolate pudding frosting. The cake is pictured up top.

I brought a few gifties including a granny square throw blanket I made during the spring TV season. I like getting things done so I don't feel like I am wasting couch potato time!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. K2 ate the whole cake...or made it disappear with his new "magical" blanket. Nono's is great, although I feel sorry for Monica. And crawfish.