Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vacation - Day 2 - June 9

So the day started right with breakfast at Krispy Kreme doughnuts for me and CPA Boy. I like their original glazed doughnuts and yes, I ate 3 of them. I would have eaten only 2 but I have a Krispy Kreme threshold! Two is just enough to get a craving started --- which might entail repeat, caloric visits, a bad idea --- but 3 makes me feel kinda overwhelmed with sugar and then I'm done with them for a long time. Mission accomplished!

Then we went shopping at a local mall mostly to stop at the Lego store so I could get some more Lego magnets for the fridge and/or keychains. Mission not accomplished Lego-wise but we did browse through the Crate & Barrel store just to see what they might have. We bought a red silicone pie crust shield (I have such trouble doing an aluminum foil shield for some reason; they never stay on and I give up and let those pie crust edges burn in frustration) and a bean bag chair-like foot stool. Isn't it pretty? It's having a close visit with one of K2's ottomans! Wonder what their babies will look like!

We walked through the Pottery Barn Kids store too, mainly in hopes they'd have items from their Pottery Barns Teen catalog. No such luck but we did see a cute sheep mobile and some cute patterned sheep crib sheets. We havd no need to buy these things of course but a camera can capture the moment!

For dinner CPA Boy and K2 ate their leftovers from NoNo's and Pops and I had some mac and cheese, shrimp pad thai and a Mediterranean salad from Noodles & Company.

And another lovely day comes to an end!

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