Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation - Day 4 - June 11

Today, while Pops and K2 did other things, CPA Boy and I drove to Colorado Springs, about 45 minutes south and visited a lovely park called Garden of the Gods. There are no gardens nor does it have anything to do with God. Rather it features some amazing rock formations and beautiful scenery.

We watched the short film explaining how it all came to be and then took the jeep tour to see everything. We posed with fake buffalo too! Then we bought a few souvenirs!

We had a late lunch at Sonic Drive-in (hamburger for me, hot dog for CPA Boy, Diet cherry Cokes for each of us and some chili cheese tater tots to share). So we had dessert later at Dairy Queen, which we don't have in Sonoma County. I had a turtle sundae --- delish! --- and CPA Boy had some sort of Blizzard.

K2 and CB played a few rounds of Forza Motorsports on the XBox and had a few laughs crashing their cars and lapping each other.

Tomorrow we are off to Denver to the Museum of Nature and Science. And maybe some outlet malls.

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