Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacation - Day 5 - June 12

Vacation days start to run together since I'm not really paying attention to the calendar! So to clarify for myself, "day 5" covers Tuesday, June 12.

Today CPA Boy and I drove to Denver to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We also saw an IMAX movie about tornado chasers, visited the special "Lizards & Snakes" exhibition, tried out some of the hands-on exhibits and visited the gift shop.

Aren't we cute in our 3D glasses?! I asked the woman sitting in front of me to take a picture because we so rarely get vacation pictures of the two of us. I like this one!

The IMAX movie was about 45 minutes long and called "Tornado Alley 3D". I expected a rip roaring spectacle of 3D tornado views but the film was mainly about two groups of people: tornado chasers who were deploying equipment and taking readings for tornado research and the film's director whose goal was to get footage from INSIDE a tornado.

Now, many of us grew up watching "The Wizard of Oz" so we have some high expectations on how the inside of a tornado should look. And it was NOTHING like that. It looked like a very strong gale but that's all. Granted, it did not seem like a very big tornado but I expected more.

The lizards and snakes were interesting but more snakes would have been nice! Lots of cool lizards though.

One of the hands-on exhibits was about health. You could do various things like view your heart rate, measure your walking stride, see what you'd look like at 70 and so forth. My heartbeats were nice and steady; CPA Boy could not get a reading! So we think he may be a zombie to which Pops piped up and said, "Zombies are popular right now, aren't they?" So CPA Boy is glad to be a zombie rather than a vampire, the last trendy thing. And, perhaps not surprising considering I'm only 20 years away from 70, I should look pretty much the same. Good to know.

We just didn't see anything we wanted to buy at the gift shop. So we bought nothing. (Tomorrow we will be visiting some outlet malls so we'll save the shopping for then!)

While we visited Denver, Pops and K2 visited a shooting range. They each shot up a few targets.

Then they had lunch at Costco. Pops is posing here with the hot dog he had for lunch.

We had dinner again at NoNo's Cafe and then came home. The Oakland A's at Colorado Rockies game was on TV as the A's are in town for a three game series of inter-league play. We will be going to the game Thursday afternoon.

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