Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vacation - Day 6 - June 13

On Wednesday we went out to lunch and shopped at outlet malls. Remember when outlet malls used to be far and few between? Now they are everywhere! Even Petaluma has a small collection of outlets.

We started with lunch at Red Robin Burgers, a chain we don't have in our area. It was pretty busy for a Wednesday afternoon and the food was pretty good. We took a couple of pictures outside the restaurant and you can just see the mountains behind us.

A couple of the things on the Red Robin menu are "freckled lemonade" and "freckled fruit salad". It basically seems to indicate the addition of strawberries (the seeds are the freckles?). The glass they serve the lemonade in was curvy and pretty.

We went to a handful of stores, mainly the ones we don't have near home. We got some Moose Munch for CPA Boy at Harry & David. I found a bottle of Stuckey's Pecan Log flavor topping (a gift for The Boy) at one of the kitchen stores. And at the Corelle store we bought some larger serving bowls to go with our dishes. Our pattern was discontinued over 15 years ago but these additions are in the same style. The only thing missing is the ribbon of pattern around the edges.

I got a colorful "Colorado" refrigerator magnet. It's one of things I do: buy a representative magnet whenever we travel. I took a picture of it but forgot to upload it to this entry so I will include it in the next entry.

Last time we visited K2 his backyard was not yet landscaped and I took a picture of a wild rabbit that was very cute. This time, with a lush green lawn as background, there was another bunny to photograph. I took this picture through the window so it's not great. I went outside to get a closer shot but the bunny ran away just as I raised my camera. It was about 6 inches long and its little ears were down and relaxed. Until I made it run away at least.

And here's a picture of the shed we helped with 4 years ago. You can just FEEL our blood, sweat and tears pouring off it! We have 2 days left and no further building projects have come up. Maybe K2 is saving one up in case we overstay our welcome!

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