Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vacation - Day 7 - June 14

Today was baseball day. We went to Coors Field and watched the Oakland Athletics play the Colorado Rockies. CPA Boy is a longtime A's fan. And when he and The Boy went to Coors Field 4 years ago the Rockies were playing a different team? And I somehow got no souvenir!

We sat in Section 141, Row 20, so we were in the sun for the first six innings. Except for Pops, who already sports a nice tan from yardwork and being of Greek descent, we were all slathered in sunscreen.

CPA Boy and I walked to the stadium first while Pops and K2 followed behind (K2 was applying sunscreen in the parking garage). We walked all around the stadium checking out all the food choices.

I took pictures of a couple of cute snack stands. The Tornadough made me laugh.

We finally settled on Rockies Dogs. I got mine with the works: onions, peppers, sauerkraut, relish and mustard while CPA Boy had just mustard on his. Mine was delicious but messy to eat.

I did my own souvenir shopping and decided on a purple string of beads (one of the Rockies team colors, of course) that looked like little purple baseballs.

We left around the eighth inning (the A's won 8 to 2, by the way) and walked a few blocks to a place called Wyncoop Brewing Company. The guys all had the Thursday special which was pot roast while I had macaroni and cheese.

After dinner we walked over to a bookstore called the Tattered Cover. I bought two books, some birthday gifts for various people and an old map of Louisiana. Bookstores make me happy.

Tomorrow the Denver Greek Festival and packing for Saturday's departure.

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