Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation - Day 8 - June 15

For our last day of vacation we went to the Denver Greek Festival. While we were there a thunderstorm was moving in but we left before it hit. I took a picture of the Greek flag banner overhead and you can see the gray sky. In one direction it was gray; in the other it was clear blue. We don't get that in our area of California. Generally the clouds roll in and it's already completely overcast by the time the rain starts to fall.
Pops got a hand stamp at the gate so he could get a glass of wine with lunch. I guess they do the ID check at the gate so that the bar personnel don't need to bother with it.
We went about lunchtime so we could enjoy the food. There were several stands serving food. Except for CPA Boy, who got a souvlaki pita (pork meat on a skewer) at a different place, we all got our lunch at the "Taste of Greece" booth. I had keftedes (meatballs), pastitsio (kind of like lasagna but with noodles resembling long macaroni and a white cheesy sauce) and tyropites (cheese in phyllo). And a diet Coke.
For dessert I bought a small tray of koulourakia, a butter cookie with sesame seeds. K2 also bought himself some spanakopita (spinach and feta layered in phyllo) for dinner since the rest of us still had leftovers from dinner the night before.
He also bought himself a t-shirt.
On our last evening we finally made it to the pool table. We had a good time playing nine ball. None of us was very good but that made for more laughter!
Here is a closer picture of the wild bunny in the back yard. He was sitting in the exact same spot on the back lawn.

And the Colorado trip comes to an end. A two day drive back to California --- and no more speeding tickets --- and we were home on Sunday night. Over 20 hours of driving over two days meant I slept quite soundly once I was in my own bed again!

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