Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nothing. I Got Nothing.

At the top of each Facebook page there's a box to type in your "status update" and this box has the words, "What's on your mind?" And seriously, I think to myself, absolutely nothing! Or at least nothing I want to share with my friends on Facebook. (Example: "Doing the last load of laundry! Found a quarter in the dryer so my day is made!! Ugh, lint.")

I can think of nothing worthwhile to post there. So I will maintain my "cone of silence" for the time being! (Bonus points if you get the reference!)

Pops and I went on our usual Tuesday shopping trip today and he's slowly getting better. He's lost a bit of weight (almost 10 pounds) and he's feeling more fragile since he hasn't done his usual walking every day. He said his legs feel like rubber. I think it just takes longer to heal the older we get. In a month I hope he will be back to his usual active self.

I bought a bunch of veggies and fruit at Trader Joe's so we will have healthy meals this week! Corn, artichokes, asparagus, raspberries (which were pricy but so perfect-looking I had to get some --- somewhere CPA Boy is having a palpitation!), salad greens, onions, beans. Yum!

We go to our local farmers' market every once in a while (not yet this year so far though) and buy an occasional item but overall everything is SO expensive it's hard to justify the expense. I guess I was naive to assume that fruit and veggies direct from the growers would be less expensive, no grocery middlemen, but alas, not so. I guess it's like how "organic" produce is always more expensive. The thing is, produce is reasonable as long as you are willing to buy at the grocery store when fruits and veggies come into season.

And now that I know how to microwave fresh ears of corn (4 minutes IN husks) we will have it until we are sick of it until next year's season!

Hey! Who wants to read about my toenail problem?! Which seems to be getting better; thanks for asking! My doctor recommended soaking in a bleach solution and using Vick's Vapo-Rub (she heard of this from a podiatrist friend). I substituted hydrogen peroxide (I saturate a cotton ball and let it sit on my nail for 10 minutes), rub on the Vick's and wear socks for a while so I don't get Vapo-Rub everywhere I walk. It seems to be doing the trick though. Slowly. This is a home remedy to see if I can avoid taking the meds which can be hard on the body.

The worst part is that I can put no nail polish on my tootsies until it's completely cleared up!! Which will take months. Oh well, I probably got it from a past pedicure so I guess there's no rush to go back for another.

See what I mean about nothing to say?!

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