Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perfect Flaws

If you are female, I'll bet you have a mental list of which parts of your body you love and those you hate. If you are male, well then, you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about so move along, nothing to read here for you.

The list of physical things I like about myself is surprising long: hair, boobs, eyes, feet, hands, height. Elbows?

Time is the enemy and as it passes each of these items seems to be heading into the "don't like" category.

I have the coloring of a brunette of Mediterranean heritage. I do NOT look good as a blonde. I wore a blonde wig once (I dressed as Mrs. Howell from "Gilligan's Island" for Halloween at work) and all it did was bring out the green undertone of my skin. Horrifying!

But I had always been more than happy with my dark brown hair with its natural red and gold highlights and never had the desire to become a blonde or redhead. But when I turned 24 I discovered my first gray hair. (My gray hairs have all been white though.) I plucked that sucker out right quick. But alas it grew back and brought friends.

By my late 20s I had a small thatch of white on the right side of my forehead and it was kind of cute. Just like Valerie Bertinelli's hair in the miniseries "I'll Take Manhattan"! But damn if that little swatch didn't take the entire front of my head! So I think I am over 50% gray/white. It's hard to say for sure how complete the white has taken over because I color my hair every few weeks. (But then I bet Valerie Bertinelli colors her hair these days too.)

I always liked my eye color too. They were basically blue while I was growing up and then, in my 8th grade picture, you can see that they changed from blue to a green-blue mix. I wear glasses to correct my vision. I used to wear contact lenses but around the time I turned 30 my eye doctor told me that while contacts would continue to correct my vision they wouldn't be able to correct my astigmatism (which causes me to see two of everything).

So I wear glasses and that means my eyes are somewhat hidden. I have gotten lazy about wearing eye makeup but luckily I have that dark coloring so I really don't NEED to wear mascara. It certainly makes my lashes look longer though.

I lucked out in the bosom area too. Between my mother who was somewhat flat-chested and two VERY bosomy grandmothers I got something in the middle. So I was always happy with what nature gave me. And let's just say that time is working it's (negative) magic there too and leave it at that!

My height is a nice average 5'5" (even though time will bring that down by a couple of inches in the next decades) and I had no desire to be taller or shorter. I have little feet (size 6.5, hooves!), little ears and young-looking hands. I suspect my feet and ears will stay the same overall but I assume my hands will one day soon make the move to old age. I notice hands of women on TV and in movies and they look young in the face but so many of them have hands that belie their age. (My fingernails are another story. I don't like polish on them and I really don't do a lot except trim and file them from time to time.)

And that brings us to the elbows! My elbows, especially the left one, have been rough and dirty-looking ever since I was a little girl. I've had people point out that I have dirt on my elbow and I have to say, "Um, no, that's just the way it looks." If I exfoliate and moisturize regularly I could keep the uglies at bay but I was terrible about "regularly".

Then this year when I turned 50 all of a sudden my elbows are no longer rough and dirty-looking! I don't know why this is. Crazy. They just look a little dry but not filthy and orange peel-y. I guess I may need to move my elbows to the "like" column. 

In my experience many males like to show off their scars, those "imperfections" that make them unique (or at least have a good story behind them!). We females have been more conditioned to dislike our imperfections so that we'll buy the product necessary to correct these flaws. Isn't that weird, this difference between men and women?

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