Monday, July 30, 2012

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

So we are still waiting for our new king-sized bed to arrive. It should be here in 2-3 weeks. In the meantime we still sleep in our queen-sized bed using sheets that I probably bought in 1990, when we moved in together. 

There are a zillion sheet sets available in all ranges of colors and thread count but I have never been able to find sheets that were soft from the get-go. Or if I found soft sheets they would "pill" by the second night. (Pills are those little bitty balls that appear on certain fabrics --- sweaters are probably the most "pillable" --- especially where the fabric gets rubbed.)

Your choice seems to be immediately soft sheets that pill right away or rough sheets that take forever to get soft.

Hence, I always went back to the old, old sheets: soft and smooth, like sheets should be! CPA Boy recently changed the sheets and I noticed a small rip in the bottom sheet about where my knees would be located. Starting with the first night I began catching my foot in it. A four-inch rip soon elongated to about 20 inches. Our solution: duct tape!

Yes, we have joined the white trash nation. (In the interest of fairness and inclusion, ALL skin tones can be trashy and/or solve problems with duct tape.)

So I have been reading reviews of sheets. Yes, that is the most fascinating use of my time. Maybe I can make sheets out of duct tape?

Meanwhile, some of the new window blinds have arrived and now sit in the dining room in their boxes. Pretty! (Not. Messy? Yes, definitely.)

I did mundane things today, like register my new cards for Lowe's and Panera Bread. I actually have a separate, smaller wallet to hold all those stupid membership/rewards cards because there are just too many for my regular wallet. It's kind of a pain in the ass to carry all these around but I now have a 5% off coupon for my next Target shopping trip (where it seems I always spend about $100) and a free pastry at Panera. So in some cases these cards are worthwhile; some are not. In any case, a large pile of paperwork is now off my desk and that was my main goal today.

And in between paying some medical bills (last month's check-up and lab work) I subscribed to a couple of magazines. (Yes, CPA Boy, I am giving the credit card a workout today instead of going to the gym myself! But think of the points I've earned us!)

Oooh, and success! CPA Michelle (who I will henceforth refer to as CPA Girl) and I went shoe shopping on Friday and I have the cutest white and pink exercise tennis shoes! (Pink is my favorite color to WEAR although red is my actual favorite color.) Apparently you need to have bigger shoes for exercise so these are size 8s. That kind of freaks me out because I generally wear a 6-1/2 to 7. See? Here's the bad thing about one of my favorite body parts: I need to wear bigger shoes! It's a conspiracy, lemme tell you. Well, along with my nail fungus issue, I guess. (My smooth, soft elbows seem to be going strong, in case you are interested!)

The rest of the week is shaping up as usual but with the addition of the gym. I have a couple of new things to read on the Kindle which is nice and light so it will be easy to use on the stationary bike. (It's hard to hold a hardcover book especially when you are trying to keep it clear of your pumping knees!) And I have several paperbacks worth starting so I should have plenty of reading material to keep me going for miles on the bike.

To recap:
  • Duct taped sheets
  • Boxes all over the dining room
  • Yep, we're in a white trash phase!

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