Saturday, July 7, 2012

Catch Up

Way behind in blogging, sorry.

Pops is recovering nicely, if slowly. When you have laparoscopic surgery you get very small incisions and they use cameras to see what they are doing during surgery. (As opposed to "open" surgery where the incision in several inches long and recovery is much more difficult and painful. I've had both types and laparscopy is the way to go!) But they also fill the surgical cavity with air so they have a bigger space to work. While you recover the gas wants to escape but it takes time for it to find the way out of your body. Oddly (well, not so odd as gas rises, duh) it seems to settle in your shoulders and also can make you feel like you have constant, painful heartburn. Which is what Pops has been going through.

It's odd because you think, "I had my appendix out and my SHOULDERS hurt?!"

It also turns out his appendix did NOT burst which is good news as it made the threat of peritonitis dissipate almost completely. Yay!

Meanwhile, The Boy turned 19 but we see very little of him these days so we really didn't do anything to celebrate. The last three years he's been away working at boy scout camp and now he has a job and a girlfriend. I saw him around midnight when he came home after his day of working a shift at work and hanging out with The Girl.

Which is fine; I was at college celebrating with my friends and not my parents when I turned 19. Long ago in 1981, yeesh.

The other, more important birthday was CPA Michelle's. She asked me if I could get away for a night (what with everything going on with Pops but he was fine) and we went to stay in Bodega Bay. We had a nice seafood dinner, then massages and then we just relaxed, talked and read our books. It was perfect, just what I needed.

Speaking of books, I made a purge of several items from my "to-be-read" (TBR) shelf and I feel so much better for it. I am generally not a big reader of mysteries but I pick one up every once in a while.

The thing with many of today's mysteries is that they are generally part of an ongoing series. This is nothing new, of course, as with Sherlock Holmes or the detectives of Agatha Christie, say. But as a reader I was getting overwhelmed! So I went through the shelves and pulled all of the mysteries whose 2nd, 3rd and sometimes more volumes were waiting for me to tackle.

And yet I still have at least 50 books on the TBR shelf! I only managed to read 6 books in June. But I also went through the huge pile of magazines that built up and now most of those are done because their subscriptions (which were free) have expired.

One of the books on my shelf is New York by Edward Rutherfurd, one of my favorite historical novelists. I had been saving this one up (it's his most recent and I have read everything else he's written) because I knew once I started I wouldn't want it to end. He writes the history of a place through the eyes of his fictional characters but as the years pass their descendants take over as main characters. And on and on until (usually) the modern day.

Anyway, what with the purging of the mysteries and starting a book by a favorite author, I am in a happy book place!

CPA Boy and I had a tiff last weekend and it somehow resolved itself in furniture buying. Which is the way all arguments should end: buying new stuff!

We will be getting a new bed frame with mattress and box springs. We decided not to replace the nightstands or dressers at this point since we like them fine.

And while we were at the furniture store we found a cute dining room table. It's counter high (36") and is a 54" square with 4 padded chairs to match. There is a leaf which folds and stores right in the table! It will be perfect now that it's mostly the two of us at dinner time. Here it is with the leaf stored away:

Nothing will arrive until the end of July though. That gives me time to shop for new sheets (we are moving from queen to king!). The coverlets I bought earlier this year are already king-size. We are going back to a red, white and black color scheme in the bedroom which will match the rest of the house.

Yesterday, while both CPA Boy and The Boy were out of the house until late night, I did housework. I really need to manage my schedule better so I can enjoy these days to myself! At least the laundry, sweeping, and vacuuming are all done. For now.

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