Saturday, August 11, 2012

King vs King

Our new furniture arrived yesterday: bed, mattress and dining room set. And the new blinds were installed on Wednesday. And Hydrex fixed critter entry points and baited the attic and crawl spaces (to take care of any creatures that may have been trapped inside) on Wednesday too.

It was a week of waiting for service people to arrive. Fun, especially in the case of the furniture delivery, when I had a four hour window to deal with! Scheduled to arrive between 12 and 4, the delivery guys arrived at 2. It took about 45 minutes for them to get everything in the house and then put it all together. THEN I got to start putting things back into place.

But we have a KING-SIZED bed! A Queen mattress (our old size) is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. The King is still 80 inches long but it's 76 inches wide. We just gained another 16 inches!! More room for me and all my pillows! And CPA Boy too I guess.

But it has been a huge pain trying to buy sheets for it. I naively assumed I could go to Target, JC Penney, Kohl's or Costco and I would find all sorts of choices. But no. All you can buy are California King-sized sheets. Apparently an "Eastern King" in an anomaly in California.

Comparing measurements for Eastern King to a California King: Eastern is 80"L by 76"W and CK is 84"L by 72"W. So compared to the Queen the CK is 4 inches longer and only 12 inches wider.

CPA Boy and I are not tall; short people don't need a LONGER mattress.

Is it just California that has a different king mattress size? Or is California King taking over the whole country? Are Californians TALLER on average? (Of course not.)

Our new bed looks like this. It is dark brown wood with a black padded headboard. The bed is available with the storage drawers underneath but we didn't get that model. This picture shows a cream-colored bedskirt. I will need to get a plain black one at some point. And our red, black and white bedclothes are MUCH prettier than this ugly orange and brown monstrosity (sorry, but those are two of my least favorite colors)

I estimate that the top of the mattress is about 36 inches tall. In other words, we can't just sit down on it; you need to jump up and back!

It's so tall! CPA Boy jokes that we will get decapitated by the ceiling fan if we sit up in bed. And we need to climb UP to reach the mattress!

All our old beds were always so low to the ground that this will be a big adjustment. Our old bed now seems so short!

In 1990 we started off with a waterbed which we had until I was about 4 months pregnant. (Our "waveless" waterbed mattress got messed up during one of our many moves and it was time to leave the 1980s behind!) Then we bought a new mattress and plopped it into the waterbed frame without a boxspring. Then in our first house we had a simple bedframe (no headboard or footboard that I got for free from a friend at work) that held a mattress and boxspring. When we moved to our last house in 1998 we bought a new bedroom set at Scandinavian Designs (all of which we still have) and that bedframe didn't require a boxspring mattress so we got rid of it. When we got the Tempur-pedic it was much thicker than the old spring mattress but still pretty low to the ground in comparison to this new mountain of a bed!

And it's pretty comfortable too. SO glad to be rid of the Tempur-pedic mattress!

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