Monday, August 27, 2012

Little River Trip Recap

Me, Mama Chardonnay, Lady Chardonnay, Auntie V (and the wine)
So I've been back from the coast for a few days but had things to do around the house first. Like laundry which I did on Sunday so now I have today free!

I picked up Lady Chardonnay and her daughter Mimosa at the airport Monday night. They slept at my house and then we drove to the coast on Tuesday afternoon. We were met by Lady C's mom and her aunt who drove up later from Sacramento. All of us (minus Mimosa) had stayed at Little River together several years ago, we think in 2003.

Little River (just south of Mendocino) was nice but oh, how I loathe driving to and from the coast! There is no path to Mendocino that does not involve some large section of twisty-turny roads. On that last trip driving home in 2003 I actually needed to stop and throw up on the side of the road. Twice. This time, I'm very happy to report, I had no trouble at all! It's the little things in life....

Mama C, Auntie V, Lady C and Mimosa
We had some very nice breakfasts and dinners. We had breakfast a couple of times at the hotel dining room, famed for their Olallieberry Cobbler. I only tasted a bite of cobbler (thanks for sharing, Lady C!) and had huevos rancheros the first time and Swedish pancakes the second.

Apparently olallieberries area cross between loganberries and youngberries. Loganberries are a cross of blackberries and raspberries while youngberries are a cross between blackberries and dewberries. (Berries are apparently the sluts of the fruit world.) So olallieberries taste how a blackberry & raspberry cobbler might taste.

On the second morning we went to Fort Bragg to a tiny restaurant called Eggheads. It is decorated with a "Wizard of Oz" theme. I had a crab omelet. Yummy! (This is where we'd had breakfast on the last day on the 2003 trip and therefore, what I barfed up. We decided to go here earlier in the week so I wouldn't risk a repeat performance.)

For dinner on Wednesday we went to Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg looking for a seafood restaurant that was a "two-story yellow building". Luckily we found it with no trouble; it's called Silver's at the Wharf. Most of us had a crab Louie and Mimosa had some yummy looking pasta dish. Darn it, I forgot to photograph the salad. It was piled high with crab meat and very tasty indeed. We got to see a lovely sunset from the restaurant.

Crab season doesn't start up again around here until November so that will be the earliest we get fresh crab again. I made the best crab cakes last month with the last of our crab meat. I hope to get a lot more into the freezer this coming season. I love having a big freezer!

But back to dinner at the coast. After some discussion about where we should have dinner on our last night, we ended up at another Fort Bragg restaurant called The Restaurant (easy name to remember!) just down the street from Eggheads. I can't remember what everyone else had but I had lemon pepper shrimp and they were really tasty. Lady C's uncle had recommended this place and said the tarter sauce was amazing. I think I was the only one who didn't try it though so I can't vouch for its deliciousness or not.

We also got to spend a couple of hours walking around Mendocino where there are all sorts of little shops. Things can be so expensive though! I bought a little cupcake-shaped bowl. It's red and has a snowman face on the inside bottom. Another example of, "I should have taken a picture" when I bought it and now I'm too lazy to run downstairs and do it!

I also bought a jar of sour cherry jam. The shop had a table with samples for tasting and I LOVED the sour cherry. When I went to pay I asked the lady if she made all the jams herself. She grunted at me and slapped my change of a nickel against the counter. I guess she figures (probably correctly) that she'll never see me again so why waste words. But still, no need to be rude!

Because I had forgotten my jacket I also bought a cute sweat jacket. It's pink with the word "Mendocino" across the front. It was a size XL so either they were mislabeled or I really am starting to get smaller! (I hope it's the latter but I think it's the former. And the jacket may shrink when I wash it.)
Lady Chardonnay and me
For the record, my face will be the very LAST place I lose weight. I have a student ID from San Francisco State picture that I call "Smiling Balloon with Hair" because my face is so round. And I only weighed about 130 pounds then!

The weather was overcast with fog on the first couple of days but on Thursday afternoon the fog completely cleared away and the fog held off until late Friday morning, when we left. So we had one full day of the most beautiful weather! Here's the view on Thursday afternoon:

The seagulls are always hovering in case some stupid human drops a morsel of food. We named the first one Bob. We called them ALL Bob after that. Bob could have been a Bobette for all we know! We did NOT feed them or we would have had a constant flock of Bobs all around us.

Bob or Bobette?
On Friday I went home by myself as Lady C and Mimosa were still spending a few more days in Chico visiting Mama and Daddy Chardonnay, and Auntie V needed to fly home to Southern California.

I think that's the end of my travels in 2012. Whew!

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  1. Love the pictures! We got home at *3:30* last night (technically this morning) -- I called Dad from Chicago and said, "The kid and I live here now." What a trip!! I'm running on five hours' sleep but will send you copies of my photos when I get a bit more caught up.

    It felt like we were together all of five minutes!!