Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Month's Worth of Telemarketer Calls

We all hate when the telephone rings now, don't we? Our telephone saves the last 50 calls and I just counted the legitimate calls (mainly CPA Boy calling on the way home from work each night) and there were 14. So I get calls from people I know 28% of the time.

The other 72% are telemarketers!

This seems a fairly high percentage, don't you think? I can only imagine the volume of calls if we weren't on the Do Not Call list.

There are so many exceptions to the DNC list: charities (any non-profits), political calls, surveys, collection agencies (even if you are not the person they seek), any companies you have had a relationship with for the past 18 months, and of course, the slimy telemarketers who just ignore the rules and call anyway.

Here are the calls (including the phone number and what the caller ID says) I've received for the past 50 calls (about 3 weeks worth):
  • 323-798-8977: Air duct cleaning OR Los Angeles, CA
  • 515-248-7685: National Geographic 
    • I have a subscription but some"who calls me" websites seem to indicate this is not actually affiliated with Nat Geo. 
  • 707-324-0129: Santa Rosa
    • Several local candidates are using this number for political robo-calls so these should stop after November 6.
  • 800-439-6575: 800 Service
  • 855-548-5488: 800 Service
  • 866-992-2931: 800 Service
  • 800-919-2345: 800 Service
  • 424-704-5131: four two four
    • "Helpfully", the area code spelled out is the "name" shown on the caller ID
  • 417-800-2301: Nevada, MO
  • 417-800-2317: Nevada, MO
  • 407-476-5680: Credit Services
  • 305-587-2165: Credit Services
  • 813-444-5700: Credit Services
  • 424-781-3822: Malibu, CA
  • 925-524-3099: Clayton, CA
  • 503-457-1085: Lower Interest
  • "Out of Area" - no phone number indicated
That's 17 different numbers making up 36 of the last 50 phone calls I've received.

Many of these are from "Rachel from cardholder services". The recording always ends with something along these lines: "Press 1 to talk to someone or Press 3 to be removed from the list." Because THAT will get these calls to stop. Not.

She also offers hope by saying "this is your final notice." If only, Rachel. If only.

And there is NO WAY to make them stop. You can answer the phone and connect with a "live" person and politely ask to have your name removed from the list. Invariably the person will hang up on you. They're already on to the next call. Since these telemarketers operate as if the Do Not Call list does not exist, mainly because they robo-dial EVERY residential phone number, you are just wasting your breath.

There is really no point in engaging in any sort of conversation with a telemarketer. You can blast your air horn to kingdom come but THESE CALLS WILL NOT STOP.

And then, of course, even if you decide to pick up the phone there is rarely anyone there anyway. My understanding is that several numbers are dialed at the same time and whoever answers first gets connected. All the other calls register as dead air.

No matter what, THESE CALLS WILL NOT STOP. I don't seem to get them on my cell phone but I don't give out that number to anyone so maybe that's why.

And, egad, don't even get me started on junk e-mail! (But at least you can easily delete e-mail spam.)

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  1. And AT&T may wonder why so many people are getting rid of landlines... J.