Friday, October 5, 2012

Computer, Travel, and Other Stuff

Ok, so I finally got my new computer up and running. Hence a blogging delay.
  • Transferring computer data from the old one and installing the necessary programs. 
  • Switching to a dual monitor system (totally cool!). 
  • Trying to get used to a new keyboard and mouse.
  • Figuring out how to get the number lock to already be on when the computer boots up.
  • Getting the old computer out and trying to organize a zillion wires. Ugh. (Much thanks to The Boy for his help this morning!) 
  • Trying to figure out what I did wrong with iTunes where every purchase I've ever made from there appears twice in the music library. You'd think it would be a simple deletion of one of the two duplicates but no. It would never be that simple, would it? It all seems fine now with the exception of a Donna Summer song that seems to have disappeared forever.
Then we had a heat wave with temperatures in the upper 90s and that delayed me even further. It just gets way too hot upstairs even with the air conditioner on so I stay comfortably downstairs. And there's television and books downstairs!

We have had very little in the way of heat waves this season so this should be the last of that until next year. Generally there are at least a handful of heat waves, with temps in the low 90s and low 100s, every year. Since I hate heat, it's fine by me in general but it wreaks havoc on fruit and vegetable gardens.
So now I am back with several things to blog about. My list of actors was going to be next but I have general catch-up and September books to get to as well.

And confidential to Lady Jane, yes, Jean Arthur, Thelma Ritter, and Barbara Stanwyck are all great, I agree. I especially loved "Baby Face" where Barbara Stanwyck's character LITERALLY sleeps her way to the top in a great pre-Code classic! And I have seen Jean and Thelma in several things. Wonderful!

And confidential to Pops, I really meant to include her:
  • Maria Ouspenskaya
    • Decades ago my Pops and I somehow became enamored of the name of this actress because it's fun to say! Oooh-spen-SKY-a! See?!
      • There's a woman Pops and I have seen in the parking lot at Target who is always asking people for rides (we gave her one a few months back) and we refer to her as "Maria Ouspenskaya" because she has an old lady/gypsy look to her, just like the real Maria Ouspenskaya!
    • She didn't make many movies and was 60 when she got her first Hollywood role.
    • She was mainly an acting teacher, having studied under Stanislavski whose "system" led to method acting. She also taught dance.
    • I've seen her in "The Wolf Man" and "Dance, Girl, Dance" (an interesting movie starring Maureen O'Hara and Lucille Ball). I have "Love Affair" on the DVR still to watch and she's in that too.
Our trip to Oregon was fun. We visited with my brother- and sister-in-law, Jeffy and Jilly. (Jeffy is CPA Boy's brother.) We went out to eat a couple of times and went shopping at the Fred Myer store, which is kind of a Target and Wal-Mart combined plus a grocery store. Then CPA Boy and I visited the Oregon Vortex, one of those places with a mysterious house and lots of optical illusions. We also visited the Harry & David store which is based in Medford.

Then we drove home on September 24, our actual 21st anniversary. It was very warm in the upper central California valley. I could NEVER live in the Red Bluff or Redding area! Sonoma County is so pretty and much more temperate. Mount Shasta is pretty but there was barely any snow this time of year.

I actually have photos from the trip but I haven't yet transferred them from the camera to the computer yet (see above re: new computer!).

I read a bunch of books in September, thanks to some young adult series. That reading recap will get posted this weekend. Try to contain your excitement.

Yesterday I went to the movie theater in San Rafael. The movie I saw "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" isn't playing at the theater here in Petaluma. I've been to the San Rafael theater before when I saw "The Artist" last year. It seems the artier films do not play in Petaluma.

What's funny --- in a sad, sad way --- is that the audience is all women and they are mainly older than I am. (I attended the matinee at 11:30.) For "The Artist" there were about 15 people, all female and all older than me. "Perks" had about 8 audience members and, again, they were all older than I am.

Anyway, I really liked the film. It's about some Pennsylvania high school students in the early 1990s. Emma Watson was pretty good. You totally forget about Hermione early on (the short hair helps). The other two main actors were very good as well. I am looking forward to reading the book.

So far this TV season I have not added anything new to my viewing schedule. I am seriously considering adding "Nashville" next week though. We'll see. I like having some more time free for reading or watching some older stuff via the Amazon Prime system. For example, I haven't seen the movie "Clueless" (which was featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly) and I hope to get to it this weekend or next week.

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