Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crazy Time

I got back from Bodega Bay two weeks ago and haven't had a minute to blog since! Until now. Obviously.

By the way, Bodega Bay was amazing! The weather was absolutely perfect: clear skies, no fog, temperature about 70 degrees and NO WIND. For the Northern California coast this was almost unprecedented! The only exception I know where the weather is consistently good is Santa Cruz but the rest of the coast is mostly cool, foggy and windy.

Pops and I went down to my aunt's house to help start the work of getting it ready to sell or rent. She lives in a residential care facility and her memories have been going bit by bit over the last few years. The bottom line is, she will never get "well" to go home. My aunt is the sweetest person I've ever known. It's never easy watching someone "disappear" right in front of you.

She had many things that my Greek grandmother, who died in 1984, had made so I have been sorting and cataloging it. Here are a few examples (along with the one up top):

And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Then, all of a sudden it seemed, Thanksgiving was upon us. We had dinner at my in-laws home on Thursday (and it's always nice to hang out with the family) and then on Friday I cooked a turkey and fixings. It's one of the flaws with eating elsewhere on the holiday: no leftovers for the weekend! Tonight is turkey sandwich dinner night and tomorrow is turkey pot pie night. What's left over by then will be frozen for later use (turkey a la king!).

I am still leery of cooking Thanksgiving for the whole family yet. That would mean feeding about 15 people. Not a horrifying number and I can actually cook a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner. (This year only the gravy was less than successful being on the thin side but it tasted just fine!).

Tomorrow I will put up our little tree and get the decorating done. I still have several gifts to buy so that means some computer time in my future. Most of my TV shows are winding down for the season in the next week or two so I have several movies on the DVR to watch. And I also look forward to my annual viewing of the Lord of the Rings films. (Somewhere, CPA Boy is groaning.)

And I've read practically nothing this month! This month's book entry will be short. (Somewhere, CPA Boy is breathing a sigh of relief.)

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