Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Days and Other Stuff

I like voting. I turned 18 in 1980 so I got to vote in a presidential election the first year I was eligible. Years later, in 1992, I found out I was pregnant on Election Day.

Plus I had dressed up for a Halloween party that year so I have a photograph of me dressed as a pregnant nun:

Knocked-up nun and the man responsible, Halloween 1992
We had to dress up in costume for work in those days. I am pretty sure I used that same costume, with minor changes of course, to be a witch the year before or after.

So tomorrow, when Pops and I are out and about doing errands, I will need to go to my new polling location at the high school. I used to vote at the golf course club house but it closed during the sale of the golf course and hasn't opened up again.

Meanwhile I am keeping busy with various things. Like Christmas gift shopping, scheduling the guy to give an estimate on replacing the rain gutters, reading, sewing, photograph organizing, seeing movies and several other things, some fun and some not-so-fun.

CPA Boy and I saw "Argo" last weekend and we both liked it. I really want to see "Cloud Atlas" but it's an almost 3-hour film so I will need to find an empty 4-hour block of time! In other movie-related news, we watched "Clueless" the other night. Neither CPA Boy nor I had seen it before. It's a cute movie but now I really want to read Emma, the book the story was based on, but I have too many library books in the queue first. Maybe I'll squeeze it in next anyway. I still need to read Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Emma of Jane Austen's six novels.

I had not been exercising much in the last month or two and I was really going to town on the M&M dispenser in our house (yes, we have an M&M dispenser. Doesn't everyone?!) so I was petrified to weigh myself. But it needed to be done and it wasn't bad at all! Only one pound up! And I have been back to regular exercise and better eating (read: no M&Ms) the last few days so maybe the scale will move downward the next time I weigh myself.

It is so much easier to say no to things diet-wise when you have exercised that day. I just don't want the hard work to go to waste (waist?)!

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