Sunday, December 30, 2012

Achievements of 2012

So it's the end of the year. Time to take stock and make lists of resolutions. I looked back to last year's list and I think I accomplished about 40% of what I planned. I don't know if that's good or bad.

What I managed to do in 2012:
  • Travel
    • Southern California to visit Everest & Francine Bear taking Pops along for the ride.
    • Colorado (via Nevada, Utah and Wyoming) to see K2, traveling with CPA Boy and Pops.
    • Little River with Lady Chardonnay and her daughter, mom and aunt.
    • Bodega Bay (twice) with CPA Michelle.
    • Oregon to visit Jeffy & Jilly and family for our wedding anniversary weekend.
  • Writing
    • I am not as regular as I'd like but I have blogged more often. I hope to keep this up and perhaps even up the pace a bit.
  • Projects
    • Finished my son's 6th grade scrapbook. I wasn't going to work on this --- The Boy is still too young to give a crap but he will be appreciative about it someday --- but I realized it was already to go (I map these things out in detail before I start) and I was able to whip through it. It made me so happy to finish something!
    • This is a category where I fall down a bit but I have some projects almost ready to go for the new year including:
      • The vacation album. I have a pile of memorabilia to sort through and then I will begin.
      • The K family story book. This needs to be typed up and then organized into a book format.
      • Still need to scan negatives and photographs. I have all the electronic tools necessary so I really have no excuse to keep putting it off other than it's a more boring activity.
      • I would like to have an afghan project to work on while I watch TV. I am thinking of some sort of "patchwork" pattern. We'll see.
  • I began attending movies somewhat more regularly (as opposed to maybe once a year) and I have seen 4 since October (and an opera!). I love going to the theater so I plan to keep this up.
  • I stayed reasonably healthy and kept off the 30 pounds I lost. Starting this week we will be back to regular, healthy meals again. I still need to lose lots more weight for health (and aesthetic) reasons. Plus manage a consistent exercise routine.
  • I got The Boy employed. If you constantly ask, "Got a job yet?" EVERY TIME YOU SEE HIM he will get a freaking job just to shut you up! Mission accomplished. For now. 
    • The new year will bring questions of "Got a full-time job yet?" or "Got a second job yet?" Fun, fun, fun.
  • I turned 50! I have some good genes to thank because I don't think I LOOK like I'm 50.
  • I read 120 books (or will have, when I finish my current book by tomorrow night!) which is a good round number, averaging 10 a month. This makes me happy but it's thanks to several young adult books which are quicker to read in general. In other words, I probably won't reach this total for 2013. I guess time will tell.
No doubt I'm missing a few things. But this will do for now.

Happy New Year!

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