Friday, December 14, 2012

Greek Cookies

Pops and I spent a few hours on Tuesday making some Greek cookies called koulourakia, a butter cookie that goes especially well with milk or coffee. (Pops also made a different Greek cookie, kourabiedes, the next day.)

Here are all the ingredients (except the flour) all ready to go: orange juice, baking powder, sugar, 1 pound butter and 12 eggs divided into yolks and whites.

This is everything blended together before the flour (14 cups of it!) gets added:

Here's Pops mixing the dough by hand because the mixer bowl was too small. When I make these someday I may try using the KitchenAid dough hooks but of course the recipe would need to be halved or quartered first.

Pops has touched every part of the each cookie but I DID see him wash his hands first! Whew!

Here he's rolling out the dough to the proper size before cutting off pieces to form the cookies.

In our family we always shape them like the letter S. Wikipedia says that the Minoans made theirs in a snake shape because they worshiped snakes for their healing powers. (Those Minoans obviously drank a bit too much ouzo.)

Once the koulourakia are formed they get brushed with egg and baked for about 25 minutes.

This is the aftermath:

 And the final, yummy result!

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  1. Is "kourabiedes" the one with a pound of powdered sugar on top, and they taste better the second day? Mrs. Cynicletary always does a themed Christmas Eve dinner, and her theme was "Greek" one year, so I made and brought those cookies, completely disregarding the "next day" direction. And they were fine, nothing special...until I tasted one the next day and went "OH EM GEE." That's a really good cookie!!!!!