Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books, Snot and Teen Role Models

I have finally managed to get some reading done and I plowed through Gone Girl, Robopocalypse, The Weird Sisters and The Book of Mormon Girl. I am also halfway through a biography of Catherine the Great.

I thought Gone Girl was well-written and suspenseful and, having waited MONTHS for my library copy, I eagerly read on to find out how the story ended. It was all so diabolical, very "Fatal Attraction", and then I was SO disappointed in the last few pages! Ugh.Ugly story about ugly people and an innocent victim. I liked it almost up to the last page so overall I can see how people love it so much. I have Gillian Flynn's second book to read (I read and liked her first book) so she is definitely an author worth reading.

The Weird Sisters is one of those books about a quirky family (and aren't so many of these books always about sisters?!) and how their childhood formed their (faulty) adult personalities and how they finally grow up when they all come home to their quirky parents and they have fanciful names (in this case Rosamond, Bianca and Cordelia) and their parents have lives too and...well, you get the picture. It was fine; it was forgettable.

Robopocalypse was great. I just got it via Paperback Swap and it happened to be in the news this week because Stephen Spielberg is supposed to direct a film version in a couple of years. 

The Book of Mormon Girl by Joanna Brooks was interesting and a quick read. My favorite passage:

        "The year we all turned twelve, the boys in my Sunday School class received the priesthood: the spiritual authority to lead, bless and baptize, passed from Mormon father to Mormon son by the laying on of hands.....
        ....I got Marie Osmond's Guide to Beauty, Health and Style.
        Which is not to say I would have ever traded."

This cracked me up! I think there were more than a few of us, Mormon and non-Mormon alike, who looked to Marie as an icon. So what is it about Marie? She was surrounded by brothers and had no sisters. *I* was surrounded by (albeit only two) brothers and had no sisters! She was a brunette. *I* was a brunette! She lived with Donny! Many of us were hoping to live with Donny someday! (Or Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay or even Jimmy --- and yes, many of us  COULD tell them apart!) And the "Donny & Marie" TV show on Friday nights? It ran from 1976 to 1979, my prime high school years.

I never had Marie's book but I had something JUST AS GOOD: Seventeen Magazine! Recently, when I was going through my aunt's old boxes of sewing and knitting booklets I came across this picture and I recognized the woman in the picture:

(I think I may have just one blog reader --- Lady Chardonnay --- who will recognize the model.) Her name is Jayne Modean and along with Phoebe Cates, another Seventeen Magazine regular, she was one of our style icons.
I remember reading Seventeen religiously from 1976 to 1980, the years coinciding with my high school years. I actually had a bunch of the short stories from the magazine saved in a file folder but I finally got rid of it many years ago. It was also the very first place I read about a new film called "Star Wars". This was the picture they used:

Which meant NOTHING to me. I couldn't imagine anything much about the movie. I do recall thinking What is she looking at in the giant bowl? I don't even recall wondering about the bun hairstyle because the photo was pretty tiny in the magazine and I'm not sure it was obvious. I have no memory of C3PO either so maybe he was cropped from the picture or robots did NOT impress me. The movie hadn't come out yet and no one knew the impact it would have across the decades. But in retrospect, I find it interesting that the publicity shot they used was of Leia rather than Luke or Han.

Anyway, back to Ms. Modean. She had a tiny acting career (I remember seeing her in a "Cheers" episode) and she married (and divorced) Bob Coulier, the least famous guy from "Full House". I don't know what she does now.

(Phoebe Cates became an icon from her role in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", uttered the line "Which one of you bitches is my mother?" in the craptastic miniseries "Lace" and married Kevin Kline so I guess she was the TRUE style icon of our youth.)

Interestingly, Seventeen really does become obsolete once you turn 18. At that point we (Lady C and I) switched to Cosmopolitan, with its fun quizzes, annual horoscope booklet and references to a possible sex life that was as vague as it was titillating. God, we loved Cosmo!And yet I outgrew that one too, probably by my late 20s.

So where is the SNOT we were promised according to your title? I hear you ask not even a little bit.

The snot paradox: how can so much moisture exist in one's nose while simultaneously leaving it chafed and DRY?

I have started winding down from the absolute worst of the mid-week nadir so I am blowing my nose less but coughing more. I also began using the expired (by one month) bottle of saline nasal spray every night before bed and that's been a big help. I originally got it for my trip to Colorado but what with my recently acquired hay fever, I never needed it there. 

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  1. Jayne Modean! Jayne Modean! I saved just a few of my SEVENTEENs, and I think there's a prom-dressing spread with her featured.

    Alan was "my" Osmond brother, and oh he did not age well at all.

    Hee, Cosmo quizzes!! Remember Cosmoparody? "Is There Mustard On Your Head? A Quiz." Too funny.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!