Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

We had a nice New Year's Eve. We had our friends CPA Michelle and her husband JQ over for dinner and The Boy joined us because The Girl had to work (she's a barista at Starbucks). We had our usual snacks from Trader Joe's (minus the blue cheese dip because it was all gone by the time I sent The Boy to get a few last-minute items) and some yummy chocolate fondue.

Our chit chat ranged from the Fiscal Cliff (mainly because it affects the work of the two CPAs) to our cars (3 out of 4 of us drive a Prius --- SUCH Californians we are!) and our kids. The Fiscal Cliff discussion was popular because, for the CPA-types at the table, it is difficult to advise clients what to do if Congress has not yet acted and you don't know what the tax levels will be for the coming year. We talked of many other things, non-CPA-related, so we had a nice time.

They left early though (CPA Michelle is already working on 2012 things for her clients) so CPA Boy and I repaired to the family room and watched more episodes of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" on Amazon Prime. We've been watching all week and we are almost through Season 2. 

Just before midnight The Boy came back downstairs and we switched over to watch the ball drop in New York City. Then we went to bed. We are SUCH party animals.

Today our dinner will be cheese fondue. I am going to broil some chicken, boil some shrimp and fry up some cocktail weenies. With the French bread we should have a yummy dinner. (And a bit of leftover chocolate fondue too.)

One of the ingredients for cheese fondue is something called kirsch. I was not sure what it was except that it was some sort of cherry brandy. I was afraid it was going to be extremely expensive (I only need about a tablespoon or two) and only available in a huge bottle but it was reasonably cheap in a small bottle labeled kirschwasser (which means "cherry water" in German).

I went for a walk this morning. The weather is pretty good this week: blue skies with temperatures in the 50s. And some wind which made my eyes water.

I also ran for a small part of the way. So walk to warm up, run for about 30 seconds, walk to recover, run some more and so on. My goal is to run more and more as time goes by. I realize this isn't great for my knees but I just really want to run! Plus I think it gets my heart working a bit harder.

Pops is right though: except for Neighbor Shirley who wished me a happy new year as she drove by, NO ONE said "hi" back to me as I walked by. So rude.

On the plus side? No one was walking dogs! I have a slight dog phobia (the bigger the dog the stronger the phobia) so this was a nice break.

And --- let's ignore the fact that dinner tonight is CHEESE fondue --- it is so much easier to eat right after you do some exercise! So back in the saddle again.

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  1. We both ran today! What are the odds???

    Maybe this will be our year of doing new and unexpected things - who knows?

    Happy new year, dear BF!