Friday, March 15, 2013

The Cutest Baby Ever!

Naturally it's a picture of ME!! That's my mom holding me. (Sorry, it scanned crooked --- I blame the scanner!) Pops recently gave me 3 snapshots from when I was about 6 months old (taken about the time my best friend Lady Chardonnay was born --- I am older if not necessarily wiser).

What's scary is that I look pretty much the same --- cheeks and all --- though I don't generally wear my hair in a top curl anymore. I occasionally wear a Jeannie-style ponytail though!

Not much else going on really. I will shortly head over to the next table to continue work on the vacation scrapbook. I am really excited about getting these scrapbooks done so I can put some major effort into something else.

Last night I ended up entering more data into the family tree which is strangely addicting. Much of this work has already been done by others. I am just bringing it all together in one spiffy computerized format.

I am two generations removed from Greece, about 5 gens from Ireland and about 12 from France. It's all pretty cool!

Have a great weekend! 

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